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Some Background

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Mike AylingNice hat, dude!

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6 years ago
Bob MageeTo Mike AylingThank you Mike. It was done with Facebook messenger selfie app.

There is another bicycle touring journal hosting site called ‘crazyguyonabike’, over there this photo took on a more sinister tone:

“After seeing the profile picture with a photo-shopped cat on his head gave me the creeps, knowing your history. That alone, is enough for me; the man is cruel; or just has a disturbing sense of what he thinks is humor. At best, he's just plain insensitive.”
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6 years ago

My name is Bob.  I'm a pretty easy going guy, but there was an event in my past, that I don't wish to discuss, that caused me to do a few things that I'm quite proud of.

You may remember me from the website Crazyguyonabike.  I began my history there, using my name, Bob.  But then I used other names such as Jonathan Milpas, who was named after a street in Santa Barbara. Joseph Strasse-Koln, which was actually Bob Strasse Koln, named after another street but this time in Koln, Germany. Coit Bogan, perhaps my favorite made up name, but only lasted for one post. Terry Southern who wrote a journal that was selected as featured journal of the week, and was also the name of the guy that wrote Easy Rider.  I'm pretty sure there was one more name I can't remember.

Finally, I became a Chinese guy, Dong Wang Fang which was used for the posting of this journal.  

I started using Crazyguyonabike back in 2003, I think. I was the second person to post a journal that took place in Asia there.  I enjoyed doing the journals and posted them there for all my trips.  The thing I noticed though was that there were lots of guys posting journals from Thailand, but no one was getting laid.  That seemed rather odd. I made it my mission to be the first person to get a hand job and post about it on crazyguyonabike.  Thus, the alt accounts, as my mother was still alive at the time.  I was kicked off that website many times under many names. The webmaster claimed I gave him a brain tumor, threatened to sue me, and called me some vulgar names.

This journal is a small bit of a much longer trip. The actual ride was from NE Thailand to Hanoi and back, and lasted for about 45 days.  The idea of this journal was to be a cycling journal but taking the cycling part out, and then just being kind of obnoxious.  If you take the time to read it, you might think it came out OK, I do.  Just a note of warning, the next few pages are complete shit.  I did some editing when I transferred the journal here, but there wasn't much I could do with those pages.

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Chris WeeWould love to read all of your previous rantings, ie pre Vietnam ;-)
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6 years ago