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Arrival Hanoi

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My name is Neddy. I am from the city of Zhengzhao, China. As a child, preteen, and early teen, I lived in America. I returned to America for my two degrees. I am now living again in Zhengzhao where I am working in translations.

I have a great love for language. The printed word, the exact placing of ink on paper in the shape of letters, the empty spaces in an around letters, gives me chills. I dare say, it's my reason for being.

Alas, I am not a writer, I am a translator. I mostly deal with translation of contracts, but currently am doing a very special project. I have been contracted by the Cultural Section of the US Embassy to do, what will be, the most exact translation of the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick in the history of the Chinese language. I could only wish to have the talents to have this journal to be as profound or meaningful as any single sentence in that great work of art.

Come with me on this voyage of discovery. Be by my side as I test my endurance, and exploration. Have my back as I go deep.

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