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June 4, 2020

Day 5 - Why is Kerry so afraid of snakes.

Today we rode like men. 83.88 miles of the parkway was completed. Towards the end of the ride we stopped at Coles Creek. We were off our bikes and looking at a swamp from a wooden deck. Kerry heard a noise behind him, turned around, and 1 foot away was a nasty looking snake (about 4 feet long) closing on him quickly. He juked to the left and the snake slithered into the swamp. I asked Kerry what that liquid was flowing down his leg. Note: it was NOT raining. Fear makes one do some odd things.

Another reptile friend that needed safe passage across the parkway.
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Bill ShaneyfeltThat one looks like a river cooter.

This time of year, you will find quite a few female turtles of various species roaming abou looking for the perfect nest spot.
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1 year ago
This is the view of the swamp from the wooden deck where Kerry wet himself. In his defense it was a big snake.
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We rode through a 4 mile section of the parkway where straight line winds had taken down many huge trees. Kerry's entry has more on this. When Mother Nature wants to show her strength, get out the way.
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We stopped for lunch fairly early. Snacks, fruit, water and nuts. All provided by our sag wagon. Thanks Jenna, sure beats carrying all that stuff. This is a photo of Kerry sharing his food with Jeanna.
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Keith A. SpanglerHow is the new machine riding?
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1 year ago
This is the B&B where we will rest our heads tonight. It is in French Camp. Cool old house, we have it all to ourselves. Jeanna has done a mighty fine job at planning our accommodations.
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