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January 28, 2020

WTF - January 28, 2020

We love the planning

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We are deep into the planning for Two Far 2020.  We're going to travel to Bellingham, WA and back home over about six  months.  It is aptly named "Way Too Far" or just "WTF".  

This will be a two part adventure.  Kerry has wanted for several years to ride to Washington.  I have declined the opportunity to cycle across the Rockies and Cascades on a recumbent tandem.  (Actually I have declined to make the trip on any other bike as well.)  This fall, a friend said he'd like to do this ride with Kerry and an idea was born.  Kerry and John will ride their single bikes from our home in Florida to Bellingham, WA.  I will drive our car along as a SAG, carrying the tandem.  For the return trip, John will drive our car with their two singles straight back to Florida (no SAG for us!) and Kerry and I will ride the tandem home.  So, John and I will each cycle one way and Kerry will cycle the entire route - about 8500 miles - which is way too far!

The red line is Kerry and John's route west.  The black line is our car route back across the mountains to eastern Montana.  Kerry and I will ride the tandem home on the blue route.

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