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July 6, 2020

Day 37 - New Ulm, MN to Redwood Falls, MN

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Today's entry will be brief.  We had a camera malfunction I didn't realize until afternoon, so there were places I was clicking away and not taking any photographs.

We started later than usual.  The forecast last night was for a 50% chance of rain/thunderstorms most of the day.  It was raining when we wake up, but expected to clear up by 11AM and remain dry until about 3:30PM.  We figured that would be a large enough window for a 45 mile ride.  The rain actually stopped just after 10AM and we were on the road about 10:15.  We began by riding around New Ulm, a lovely German town with some very interesting architecture.  I took a lot of pictures, I thought.

Leaving New Ulm, we were back passing miles and miles of corn and soybean fields.  Any pictures I took really look just like the ones from the last week.  There was a pen of goats I thought I good a picture of .

We stopped for a break in the town of Sleepy Eye and I pointed and clicked the camera at a historical marker and a monument to the Native American for which the town was named.

Sometime after that, I realized the camera wasn't working.  We reset the battery and SD card and I got a few pictures later in the ride.

A scenic view of an old shed
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Our second stop was in Morgan, MN.  Across the street from the convenience store, an old elevator complex was being demolished.

Kerry enjoyed watching the excavator at work.
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Following that stop, we had only 12.5 miles to go.  It was only 2PM, so we had plenty of time before the forecast rain at 3:30.  That didn't work out too well for us.  We could see rain ahead with ten miles to go.  I saw one big bolt of lightning, as well and heard some thunder.  We pedaled as hard as we could go and got to the five mile mark (we didn't even make it to our three mile warning) when the rain started.  It was moderate to heavy but with no thunder or lightning, so we were fine.  Of course, as soon as we reached the hotel, the rain stopped and it's been clear all evening.  It's all part of cycle touring, right?

The rain we couldn't outrun.
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Today's ride: 46 miles (74 km)
Total: 975 miles (1,569 km)

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Ken GassNice going guys! It's been great following your progress, with no major mishaps. You are about 60 miles from my father's small farming hometown of Lake wilson. Will check on your local Cycleblaze buddies. Hope you get up to my mother's home area of Duluth, although she was born by the Canadian border in Baudette while they were homesteading.
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