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June 9, 2020

Day 10 - Fairview, TN to Dover, TN

The Big Cheat

We made good time today.  We averaged over 40 MPH for 56 miles.  I didn't know my legs we so strong!  Actually, only my right leg was that strong, as it mashed the gas pedal.

We woke up to rain today - the remnants of tropical storm Christobal.  The prediction was for rain most of the day so we decided to bag it.  We had completed the Natchez Trace Parkway yesterday, and today's ride was just to get us from Point A (Fairview) to Point B ( Dover), and there was nothing especially interesting to see along the way, so it was an easy decision. 

We hung around the motel in Fairview until 1 1 AM, trying to get the gear and bikes loaded between rain showers (We were mostly unsuccessful).  Most of the drive was in the rain, and it didn't start to clear up until around 3 PM.

We're now just hanging around in our motel rooms, catching up on the journal and taking it easy.

There are no pictures today, but tomorrow we will pedal The Land Between the Lakes, and I'll have the camera ready.

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