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April 2, 2022

You lead, I'll follow

Tallahassee dance day

It was yet another drippy wet day which started out just cloudy but soon turned into a constant rain for several hours. At least there wasn't any wind along with the storm but we sure didn't feel like going anywhere. 

I'd considered checking out the farmer's market or maybe attending Tally's Springtime parade/festival which is advertised as one of the largest ones in the SE. The news had been showing many of the floats being built and it sounded interesting. I do love a good parade!

But even if it had been nice out, I doubt we would have gone. Between parking issues, lots of walking and the large crowds we'd be around, it just didn't sound good right now. Maybe another time. But with the rain, the organizers ended up canceling the parade anyway. 

We just hung out inside and eventually the rain did stop. Tonight we went to a swing dance that our shag instructor was putting on. It was held at a local church where we found the vinyl floor to be quite sticky for our suede dance shoes. We both had to put dance socks on over the shoes in order to be able to move (they're made of a stretch polyester fabric that covers just the ball of the foot and is available on-line). 

I had expected a much younger crowd since swing groups typically attract dancers that are younger than 30. At least that's the age group of the dancers in Denver. But I was surprised to see most of the folks here were those we've met at the Legion and Moose which are closer to our ages.

The recorded music was a decent mix and both of our sore feet felt good, so we were able to get in plenty of dancing. Including some shag! It was a fun night and we hope to have a few more while we're here. 

Don's new neck formal bling that he bought on Amazon! Now he just needs a fancy dress dance to go to.
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Dancing at the swing/shag dance. That's Carl and Idy - new dance friends - in front showing off their style.
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