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January 17, 2022

Round and round we go

Mesa fun day

Well, I thought I'd be reporting that we did a nice ride today, but that didn't quite work out. Don got up late and then we had to go over to the office to complete some paperwork. 

While we were at the community center, Don wanted to check out a class in round dancing. We knew that they taught that here and had looked it up online to see what it actually was. 

And no, it's not square dancing, although it's similar in that it is choreographed dancing with a caller that announces the moves as dancers move in a circle. But this is ballroom dancing with moves that are the same. 

The class was just starting and the instructors invited us to stick around if we liked. Since the class was in tango, we decided to go get our dance shoes and give it a try. 

Boy! What a workout and brain challenge! We found that the most of the moves were the same as ones we already knew but they had different names. The teachers would demonstrate a step, then would play music and expect you to follow the caller as he announced each step. This all happened quite quickly. 

We struggled to follow along as best we could. Sometimes we did pretty well but other times we stumbled around stepping all over each other's feet. In our defense, this was an intermediate class and the other students had already been exposed to these steps. 

The class was supposed to be for 2 hours but we gave it up after an hour and a half. Our legs/feet were tired and our brains were fried from trying to digest this new dance. 

While this was an interesting experience, I don't know that we'll do it again. We love the tango but prefer to do our own thing on the dance floor and not blindly follow a caller. 

We walked back home and had something to eat for lunch, then did a couple of errands. I wanted to go to Camping World to see if they sold any camp chairs that were comfortable and lighter weight/easier to pack than the big loungers that we own. While we couldn't find any chairs that suited me, Don did buy some nifty lights that will hang from our awning. 

From there we continued to the market that we had shopped at the last time we were down here. They had some great produce, so we stocked up again. 

Back home, we relaxed for a bit then went back to the center to listen to the musician that was performing this afternoon. They have live music on the patio here every day and did have a small outdoor concrete dance floor that we wanted to check out. 

The music was good - a single guy singing all different types of songs from country to classics. We gave the floor a try and found that our practice shoes could move fairly well on the smooth painted surface. 

Most of the time we were about the only ones dancing unless the line dancers took over. We stayed for quite a while, enjoying a glass of wine and getting in a lot of dancing which was probably a mistake given that dancing on concrete is hard on your legs/knees. Plus we had already stressed them with the class this morning. I had to soak my feet in an ice bath when we got home which helps the inflammation in them. 

Back home, it was time for dinner and a chance to relax again for the evening. It had been a fun day, certainly not one we had anticipated. But hey, we're paying a lot to stay here so want to take advantage of everything they offer. 

The early morning view from our site at Towerpoint Resort.
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Towerpoint has many ammenities for its residents - from tennis courts, bocce ball and pickleball, horseshoes, a dog park, 3 pools, a grill and lots of craft rooms. One the most amazing section is the shuffleboard area. There is a grandstand with tiered seating in between 2 sets of courts. They're pretty serious here with their sports!
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