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January 11, 2022

Ride bust

Tucson ride take 4

Today was another cold morning with high clouds. As we killed time before our ride, Don drove over to an Amazon hub to pick up some stuff we've ordered on-line. 

By 11 it had warmed up to about 60 but was only going to get into the 60's later because of the clouds. It felt ok if you were standing still, but once we got moving on the bike we could both feel the chill in the air. 

We headed for the Santa Cruz River on the Canada del Oro trail which is downhill and both of us were commenting that it was so cold out. Usually I'm the one complaining, but even Don mentioned he was too cold. Of course he was wearing his usual shorts, sandals and short sleeve shirt. I'd put on several layers, and even stopped at one point to pull on some warm gloves, a balaclava and Don's wind jacket that was stored in the pannier. 

We'd managed to get about 4 miles in when we both decided to bag the ride for today and try again tomorrow when it's supposed to be a lot warmer. We had several shopping errands to run so turned around and headed back. It was a pathetic ride, as rides go, but we'll hopefully make it up tomorrow. 

After lunch, we headed south into Tucson to stop at an Airstream store for few things, Camping World for more stuff, Costco for gas and a couple of food items, and finally UHaul to refill a propane tank. It was a busy afternoon and we didn't get back to the park until nearly 5. 

We're hoping that tomorrow will be much warmer as they have forecast so we can get in one more ride here .

A new bird - a Verdin!
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Scott AndersonGreat shot! Even better if it were a lemon though.
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7 months ago
marilyn swettDidn't think of that! We put out sliced oranges which several different birds like.
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7 months ago
Okay - this is another hard one to ID. House finch, purple finch or Cassins finch?? We're leaning toward a purple finch because of the stocky body, slightly curved beak and "wine" colored head/throat.
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Bill ShaneyfeltI'm leaning toward house finch. Looking at the photos, it just seems to fit. But with most little brown birds, variability is a real challenge!

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7 months ago
marilyn swettBummer! I was hoping for another new bird. But you're correct about the variability between birds - especially if they are immature.
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7 months ago
Not sure why this trike was put up on top of the picnic table? To keep the javalinas off of it?!
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I found a saguaro day care center! There were 8 baby saguaros nestled beneath this mesquite nurse tree.
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What a magnificent saguaro! This was on top of a little hill near the campground and it is actually 3 saguaros growing together.
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Good night!
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Today's ride: 8 miles (13 km)
Total: 1,609 miles (2,589 km)

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