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May 6, 2022

Lowcountry boogie

Charleston dance day

It was very overcast today and windy as there was a band of severe weather  headed this direction. So we didn't plan much other than another grocery run and a few trailer chores. Don took our big awning down and we buttoned up our site so if it did rain, we'd be prepared. 

After dinner we went back to the Charleston Elks to dance. There was a different DJ which played WAY too much disco music. We don't mind some, but we'd never heard so much at one time! The single ladies seemed to like it as they were all dancing and wiggling with each other. 

We managed to do quite a bit of dancing  - the basics plus some shag. It's harder than it looks, so we're still at the basic level. Hopefully this will improve over the next week when we get to North Myrtle Beach which is where shag dancing started.

When we got home, we'd discovered that we only got a few sprinkles here in the campground.

It's always interesting to see the other RVs that camp near us. I liked the sentiment printed on the front and guess who's in the window toward the back? Although I don't know what the Queen of England has to do with peace and love?!
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The squirrels are quite the acrobats here. Since the trees are close to our feeder pole, it doesn't take much for them to jump over.
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Don had decided the birdies needed a water source so he found this one on Amazon. I guess the flamingo fits with our Airstream but we haven't seen any birds utilizing it yet. Although we did see a hummingbird fluttering around it the other day.
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Don't you think this tow vehicle is a bit over the top?! And he's only towing a moderate sized 5th wheel trailer. Maybe he wanted a "man-cave" to escape to when the missus was on his case!
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