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May 3, 2022

Loop de loop

Charleston bike day

It was another muggy morning here in the South. At 5 am it was already 70 degrees! 

We did some work on the computers and then did another grocery run. My legs felt good enough for a ride, so after lunch I went for a little spin around the park. 

We knew that according to the map they gave us when we checked in that there were several interlooping paved bike/walking paths throughout the park, in addition to several roads. I didn't expect to do a long ride so thought the trails would be perfect to explore. I could always get more miles by adding in the roads.

 I ended up spending my entire time on the paths, some of which I did several times. It was nice quiet riding as I wound around through the woods. Shady too, which was welcome! 

One path took me around the lake where I saw several anhingas, gulls and Canadian geese, while another one went out to a fishing dock located in the marsh. There was a shaded bench at the end of the boardwalk so I took a short apple break here and looked for birds. 

I didn't spot many - just a couple of gulls, egrets and a lone cormorant. There was a guy fishing here and he said he normally never caught anything but was trying for red drum, trout and whiting. 

From here I connected to another trail that went by the rental cottages and the primitive campsites. I did get a bit turned around at times but made it back to the campground after a couple of hours. 

It had been a good little ride and got me out of Don's hair! He was supposed to be relaxing but I found him just finishing up handwashing the entire trailer. That's quite a job! 

He'd also hung up the new "squirrel-proof feeder tube he'd picked up at Lowes. It's supposed to deter squirrels so it will be interesting to see if it works. They just jump from the trees onto the pole.  The tube has a cage around the outside of it which moves down with the squirrel's weight, closing the food openings. He also has set up our new water dish/bird bath which is in the shape of a pink flamingo. Gotta make the birdies happy!

The trails in the county park were very nice and shaded which was welcome on this hot day.
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One section of the trail had these fun signs for the kids.
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That splash park looked SOOOOO cool! I was tempted.....When I came by later, there were lots of younger kids playing in the water.
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I think mama cormorant (I thought these were anhingas, but was corrected by Bill, based on the hooked bills) is sitting on some eggs?
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Bill ShaneyfeltHooked beak... It is a cormorant. Maybe a double crested cormorant.

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2 weeks ago
marilyn swettHuh - ok, I had seen other ones here in the lake and when they spread their wings, looked like an anhinga which according to my book can be seen in this area. Thanks for the correction!
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2 weeks ago
This pair on paddle boards looked a bit shaky.
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I wonder if they read this sign that was posted at the rental spot?!
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The park rents out these cottages that are located on the marsh. It would be a pretty spot to do some bird watching and catch a sunset.
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Palmetto palms along the road by the lake.
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Today's ride: 11 miles (18 km)
Total: 110 miles (177 km)

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