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April 7, 2022

Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a face full of rain

Starke off day

Today was another on again, off again rain day. Every time we stepped outside, it felt like a sauna with warm temps and very high humidity. 

We didn't do much other than stay indoors, work on our trip plans and read. It got exciting when I happened to find a historic hotel on Michigan's Mackinaw Island that had dancing to their orchestra every night. Hey, we could make that happen later this summer! 

They had 3 night packages and required you to dress for dinner (men have to wear suits and ties while women have to wear a nice dress/skirt). But we could easily do this. But when Don checked their prices, they started at $1500.00 per night! Yikes! That clearly wasn't going to work unless we won the lottery so that idea fizzled out. 

We finally gave up on the travel stuff, and when the rain cleared, we went outside to relax until dinner. Don had cooked up a tasty chili in our instant pot for our meal tonight and after a little TV watching, headed off to bed. Tomorrow looks like better weather and we hope to get the bike out for a little spin.

Sure glad I'm not tenting in their tent area! With all of the rain it had turned into a swamp!
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Sooooeeee - this is our sewer hose pig. It keeps the end of the hose from coming out of the hole in the ground.
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