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February 26, 2022

Just another day in paradise

Naples fun day

It was another sunny day in south Florida and quite warm. At least it's not as humid as in the Keys with NO mosquitoes to be seen! That's a plus. 

I spent several hours trying to update the journal but had challenges trying to work with slow internet, despite using our hotspot. So I eventually gave up.

We didn't do much else except go to Walmart to replenish our larder. That was a frustrating trip as their shelves were bare of lots of the brands/items that we needed. The employees were working hard to restock but we still will need to to to another grocery store to pick up some things. 

This evening we drove to the Bonita Springs Elk's Lodge to attend their dinner/dance. It was about a 45 minute drive from our location and we noticed a fairly long bike trail running along one road that we were on. Hmmm - might have to check that out. 

The main streets around here all have bike lanes on them, but they were also 6 lanes with very busy traffic which makes for a less enjoyable ride. So far we're not finding many places to ride and might have to drive to a start location elsewhere. 

Our dinner was tasty and we did quite a bit of dancing despite a small crowded floor. The music was provided by a karaoke singer which was mostly 70's light rock with some 60's thrown in. It was a fun evening and different than going to a dance studio. But we pooped out after a couple of hours and called it a night. 

We'll be in Naples for another week so I hope to get in some more dancing, biking and even a stroll along the beach looking for shells. Our neighbor was drying some beautiful shells he'd found on Marco Island and gave us the skinny on shelling in the area. 

Poor man's golf cart! The lettering on the gas tank read "Andre's Davidson". When our neighbor starts this trike up, it sounds like a loud lawn mower.
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Fun RV decor but I'd hate to have to carry these around when traveling!
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Another anole?
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Bill ShaneyfeltYup, typical female Anolis sagrei. Easy to catch because they are everywhere, and usually run to a tree and don't often go higher than a few feet.
Nice shot!
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2 months ago
marilyn swettThese lizards live under a park model home next to us and we've seen them crawling in and out of the lattice covering the bottom.
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2 months ago
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