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January 29, 2022

Getting our boogie on one last time

Mesa fun day #7

This is our last full day here in Mesa and it was a busy one as we prepped the trailer for travel again. It also happened to be one of the nicer days we've had here this last week. The afternoon was warm and sunny. 

At 10 we took a break and walked over to the community center to watch the model car race that was taking place in the parking lot. They have quite a group of guys that enjoy this hobby and even have a dirt track at the other end of the park. 

They had set up a track using long tables placed on their sides to outline the oval. And it was a HOOT!!! I don't know the last time we've laughed so hard. They ran several heats of about 5 cars in each one, one was for 4- wheel drive trucks. 

There was even a kid with a checkered flag that served as a starter. And then the cars were off and running! Round and round the track, running into each other, tipping over, running into other cars or bouncing off the tables or barricades in the middle. Some cars lost a wheel or 2 but still limped forward to the finish. 

Anyway, it was a fun break. Then it was back home to keep working on packing up. 

At 3:30 we left for the Sun City Elks again to attend their Charity Ball. Boy, the ladies at this lodge sure dress up for their dances! Lots of long gowns and sequins. This ball was a dinner/dance plus an auction for charity. 

We had fun but passed on bidding for the nice purple golf cart that was up for auction. They did have lots of other items we could have bid on had we been in Denver, including 2 large dance posters. 

Oh well, we did have fun but had to squeeze out a tango when the band played a hustle (they didn't know any tangos). The tempo worked but was sure different! 

It was a nice way to end our time here in Mesa. Tomorrow we roll onward again!

The party's always on at Towerpoint!
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The model car races were exciting! Thrills, spills, crashes, you name it. Just like real car races! When one car tipped over, they called it a turtle and had a designated person run onto the course to get it up on its wheels again. Of course the other cars were still racing around the track so that person had to be quick or get run over!
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The corners were always a hazard, and often the cars wouldn't make it and would run into the tables.
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Guess that guy didn't quite get out of the way!
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A beautiful day and the shuffle boarders were out.
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Dressed up in our thrift store finery at the Sun City Elk's lodge Charity Ball.
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Goodbye Mesa - it's been fun.
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