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April 4, 2022

Dancing is a sweat job - Fred Astaire

Tallahassee dance day

Today was the calm before the storm - nice and sunny. But starting tomorrow this all goes to pot when another front moves through the area bringing rain and possible hail or tornado watches all the way to the coast. 

We spent the day working on stowing many things that had been outside like our grill, lounge chairs, mat etc. This is much better to do that while it's dry out rather than in the rain. But the poor cardinals were sure peeved that we'd taken down their bird feeder!

This evening we went to the Legion to dance. It was lightly attended as some of the organizers had gone to Pittsburgh for a dance competition/conference. So the normal DJ was absent and the fill-in was less than ideal. 

He didn't play a very good mix of music and much of it was one fast song after another. We really worked up a sweat, and wore out our legs and feet after about an hour! Hopefully they'll recover enough to finish our packing tomorrow so we can dance to the swing band one last time.

The mockingbirds are common here and I so enjoy listening to all of their different songs.
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Near the campground owner's home is this large rosemary bush. They invited us to pick as much as we wanted so I put some in a baggie to be used during cooking.
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So far, we've only seen cardinals and mockingbirds while we've been in Tally, but just as soon as we get ready to leave, here come the black-capped chickadees!
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