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April 5, 2022

I'm just a hoofer with a spare set of tails - Fred Astaire

Tallahassee dance day

Expecting to have rain when we got up this morning (can't always trust the hourly forecast here!), we were happy that it was just overcast. So we took advantage of the dry conditions and continued with our packing up chores. 

The sun actually peeked out later in the afternoon and it warmed up enough that we had to turn on our air conditioner. After doing one last load of laundry, we drove over to Costco for cheaper gas and a couple of other things, then went next door to the Walmart to flesh out our pantry/frig. 

The weather remained dry until 5:30 when there was a crash of thunder followed by heavy rain. That continued through the evening but ended by 9 pm.

We did go back to the Legion for our last dance to the swing band.  I wasn't sure about my sore feet as the tendonitis that I've dealt with for years had flared up. But after several bouts of icing followed by Ted's Pain Cream, they felt better. I figured it was the best I could do now other than skipping the dance which I didn't want to do. 

If I had been in Denver, I would have been visiting my accupuncturist for frequent treatments. Maybe I need to find one in any area that we stay for longer than 2 weeks. But I also think we've really been pushing the biking and dancing here, so maybe we just need to take more off days and relax!

I wore my most comfortable shoes tonight and made it through the evening. We enjoyed the dance but didn't stay long. After saying our final goodbyes, we headed back home. 

Time to get ready to move on down the road!

One last dance with the Tally Swing Big Band.
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Decked out in our matching swing outfits. We're really not wearing green (it was the strobe/disco light going off at the wrong time!
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