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March 29, 2022

Choo choo ch'boogie

Tallahassee dance day

It was another very warm, sunny day in Tally. Since we're dancing again tonight, we spent our time doing some needed chores. 

Don got on Youtube and found a video covering how to install a new handle on our refrigerator. Yea for Youtube! We now have a new handle which hopefully will last longer than the other one but apparently they do break frequently as they are made of plastic. 

In the afternoon we tackled the next big project which was disinfecting our fresh water tank. We'd been meaning to do this, especially after that campground we stayed at last month that had a boil order placed on their campground water. 

The procedure involved pouring a bleach/water solution via a funnel into an access opening on the outside of the trailer, letting it sit for several hours, then letting it drain out. Tomorrow we'll rinse the tank out and then refill it with fresh water. 

Tonight we danced at the Legion to the swing band. As usual, the music was fantastic (the 2 vocalists were AWESOME) and we got our workout. Even if you don't dance, it's worth it to come on a Tuesday just to listen to the band. 

When our feet started talking to us, we headed home, another dance day done.

I thought I would post more pictures from Wakulla Springs.

We didn't see any Anhingas or turtles today but I imagine they would be out there in the swamp.
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This is the back side of the lodge.
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The bar in the gift shop is 70 ft. long! Not all in one piece, but cut so that the sections all fit together with the same grain.
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The ceiling of the lobby had lots of ornate paintings.
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They were all different.
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More nice ones.
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The kids were having a ball jumping into the water.
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