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February 24, 2022

Checking out the bay

Everglades day #2

Today is our last day in the Glades and we wanted to make the most of it. We took a morning boat tour of Florida Bay which ended up being quite interesting. 

We learned a lot about the Everglades from its history to facts about the flora and fauna. The boat took out into open water at times where we saw dophins leaping next to us! Then we went around 2 small keys where we saw all kinds of birds and even an American crocodile. We both enjoyed the tour and felt it was well worth the money. 

After we returned to the marina we spotted another croc and several manatees. Even an osprey family nesting on a post completely ignoring all of the people taking pictures of the 3 chicks.

After lunch, we walked over to a nearby pond to look for birds, but other than an egret and little blue heron, we didn't see anything else. We might have walked all the way around the pond, but the mosquitoes were horrible, so we left. 

The rest of the day we spent packing up camp and enjoying a movie after dinner. 

This is a Gumbo Limbo tree which the locals here call the "tourist tree" because of its red trunk and has peeling bark!
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This butterfly finally stayed still long enough for a picture.
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Bill ShaneyfeltGulf fritillary.
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1 year ago
This large flock of Ibis lived in the campground. The brown ones are juveniles.
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Don was told that this tree is a Red Mahagony tree. It apparently is endangered but there were quite a few in the campground and all had this interesting looking fruit/nut.
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Setting off on this boat for a 3 hour tour - well not exactly, it was only 90 minutes but I did think of Gilligan's Island when I saw it.
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In the Florida Bay, we circled around several small mangrove keys. These are Red Mangroves. The roots reach all the way down to the sea floor to anchor there. We were told that their seed pods will float for a long time until they find a suitable spot to sprout which is why there are so many of these keys in this area.
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And thar she blows!!! Flipper and friends arrived to escort the boat on our tour.
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This is an American Crocodile that was in the marina. They live in salt water while the alligators live in fresh water. Not sure I care to encounter either one while in a kayak or canoe!
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Small gar fish were also in the marina area.
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I call this meeting to order.
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But mommmm - you ALWAYS feed him first!!!
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These signs were all over the park warning about vultures. I guess they love chewing on anything rubber on vehicles from wipers to around sun roofs.
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They also were strutting around the campground, looking for food. The park tells you to secure your food and I thought it was for raccoons or bears but had no idea about vultures! We saw them ripping into trash bags and perched on tables right next to people sitting outside.
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