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February 5, 2022

Another day, another dance

Gulfport, MS

Yeah -  the sun was out this morning and we had clear skies! Although it was in the 30's, the rain had moved on for now.  

We could have biked today, although it didn't get much warmer than 45 degrees and there was a cold north wind. Instead we're going to a dance tonight. It's one that we've gone to before when we toured through this area at the Amour Danzar dance studio and I was happy to see that it was still in business despite going through a Covid shut down in 2020. 

Other than going grocery shopping, we didn't do much up until it was time to go to the dance. At least it was located only 20 minutes from the park - much better than doing another hour long drive! 

The studio is located out in the country and was much as we remembered. It's built to look like an old 2-story antebellum home, including the columns out front. Barbara, the owner and instructor, lives upstairs while the ballroom is located on the main level. It's set up for weddings, receptions and dance classes/parties like this one, with a large wood floor. Even a large commercial kitchen. 

There were few people here tonight - just 2 other couples and a family who brought their 2 young daughters. The girls were learning to dance as were mom and dad which was nice to see. 

We had a good time dancing, but unfortunately Barbara is getting up there in age and just couldn't seem to figure out how to get her audio/music system to work correctly on her computer. She really seemed clueless! So we spent more time just sitting as we waited for the music to play. 

Don said he remembered that this same thing happened the last time we danced here 5 years ago. So while this place is a nice one facility-wise for dancing, we might not be back if we have other options. Maybe going for a bike ride - now there's a concept!

Good morning!
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Nice to see the sun today!
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The stately looking Amour Danzar Dance Studio was looking festive tonight.
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The interior is also quite nice with a grand sweeping staircase, chandeliers and twinkling lights. The facility is used as a dance studio and also rented out for weddings/receptions etc.
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