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June 21, 2019

We better get our butts in gear!

Okay.  So it's really happening.  I don't think I can recall booking a flight so close to our expected departure date.  We just booked a flight yesterday and we leave on July 1st,  Canada Day.   Usually, we like a few days when we are both finished work to get ready and mentally prepare as well as gather the gear; along with the other umpteen things to do before a tour.  But, the flight is paid for, and get ready we must.   So, what are the next steps?  

Tune up the bikes.  Sort out electronics and adapters and chargers to keep this blog moving along.  Sorting out getting WIFI while in Europe ( we use a company called Hippocket with good results). Getting the gear out from under the bed.  Sorting out bike boxes.  Packing.  Making sure my garden gets watered.  And, get on a flight.   

All sounds fairly straightforward.  What could go wrong?

Well.  I'm glad you asked.  Yesterday we experienced a flood in our condo.  Not a serious one, but it cascaded enough water into our bathroom to warrant that our ceiling and drywall be removed.  Which also means that the vanity needs to come out, the mirror glued to the wall comes off, and our toilet removed.   Looks like our bathroom reno that we were planning for in the distant future  is now much closer than we expected.  So, there's that to deal with.   So, we may come back to a bare-bones bathroom when we return.

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Scott AndersonOh, no! I’m so sorry to hear about your flood. See, though - there are advantages to being homeless.
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9 months ago
Patrick O'HaraTo Scott AndersonThanks Scott. I am not sure we have the same gumption as you two to live the homeless cycle vagabond lifestyle. You both are the exception to the norm. And, I mean that in the most respectful, honorable and awe-inspired way. You two are freaks. I like freaks.
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9 months ago