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June 16, 2019

Time to get the gear out from under the bed!

Is this the swan song for camping?

View from inside our tent looking at the Pilet Dunes from last year's Bordeaux to Barcelona Pyrenees adventure.
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Our gear is "neatly" tucked away under the bed within our 575 sq. foot. condo.  Whenever we finish a tour, we dutifully wash all the gear and stow it until it is resurrected again the following year; when it is once again stuffed into stuff sacks and put into panniers for another adventure.  Our beloved tent and sleeping bags are well loved, but as the years go on Sus and I find the concept of staying at little hotels and guesthouses more and more appealing.   When camping, we are always hopeful for a good night's sleep; and that is something that is not always guaranteed.  All you cycle tourers out there  know what I'm talking about.  You know those cycling days after some less than adequate shut-eye.  Not so much fun for you; and even worse for your better half!  So, perhaps next year we change things up a bit and stay in accommodations.   But, for now, we are looking forward to many cozy nights and mornings cuddled up in our sleeping bags, waking up in a brand new place each day.  And, if the weather does not cooperate, then the little guesthouses it is.  How awesome does that sound?  Giddy-up!  Heeee hooooooooooo!

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Keith ClassenReally looking forward to to following along with you two. An area we have yet to explore.
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9 months ago
Jacquie GaudetI always sleep well in my tent, though I'm getting to like "roofed accommodation" a lot, except for the cost. When I travel solo, camping is usually around 5-15€ per night, compared to at least 60-80€ for a room. That's a big difference!
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8 months ago
Patrick O'HaraHi Jacquie,

Sorry for the late responses to your comments. You’re right. A big difference, but, as you know, such a treat sometimes. Ah. Can you say, clean sheets?
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8 months ago