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June 16, 2019

Enjoy Yourself...

......It's later than you think.....

The title for this entry conjures many meanings up for me.  "Enjoy yourself" is a title to a song and is an oldie but a goody, popularized by many wonderful artists from Louis Prima to Doris Day; and it is one of my father's favorite sayings.  One of the lines in the song goes, "it's later than you think", so you better enjoy and cherish your time as much as you can, because this beautiful life and our time here is awful short and precious.  This is one of the reasons why we tour.   We get so much joy from it.

The more literal interpretation of the song is exactly what it says.  Time is counting down, which brings us to our current situation.  We are leaving in just about two weeks, and we don't even have a solid itinerary or flight yet.

This is getting ridiculous. Perhaps going away each year on our bicycles is getting too routine. Normally, we would be a little stressed about getting on with things; namely purchasing a flight and collecting bike boxes, for example. But, for some reason this year we are not rushing into any decisions.  There really is something to say about experience.  Going away for a month long tour is almost the same as going away for a weekend getaway.  You have to bring the same stuff!  

In fact, one large obstacle stands in our way before we purchase a plane ticket. Where the heck are we going to go on tour this year?

The thing about researching for trips and reading other tourer's blogs, is that you keep on adding potential trips to an already long list of previous potential trips.   I personally blame Scott and Rachel Anderson for this.  Narrowing a trip down is increasingly becoming more challenging as the years go on. 

Either way, we think we have a plan. Here it is:

An approximation of our route. We are going to tackle some unfinished business in the Pyrenees from last year. Then head to the coast. Looking forward to the dip in the center of the map around the Picos National Park in Asturias.
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Scott AndersonOh, we feel really guilty now. We are so sorry!

Enjoy yourself, indeed. Looks like a terrific adventure. We can’t wait!
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9 months ago
Patrick O'HaraHaha. Been wonderful following along with you two, too. I look forward to my daily read! Cheers. Patrick.
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9 months ago