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June 25, 2019

Less than a week to go!

I guess we're getting a new bathroom?
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If you have been reading along,  you would know that I mentioned something about a flood in our unit.   Kind of a pain?  Bad timing? Yes.  But, we also know that it could have been much worse, and perhaps even a tour ending catastrophe.  This really could have been a very bad situation if more water was involved.  For now, the toilet and vanity are sitting in our dining area ( I know, lovely) and our wall and ceiling have been removed.  Hopefully, today our toilet goes back!  This added stress, however, is tempered by the fact that we are both so excited that another tour is fast approaching.   

One down, one to go.
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Packing for a tour is actually surprisingly straightforward.  The bikes go into boxes.  The gear gets packed.  We get ourselves to the airport.  The only thing that worries me is forgetting something important.  Take for example our 2015 West Coast of France tour.   We had a beautiful first day of touring to Fontainebleau.  When we went to set up camp, I realized I had forgotten my Thermarest.  So, there was a few uncomfortable and cold nights until I managed to purchase a cheap blue pad that I slept on for the rest of the tour.  

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Apart from the bathroom issues, we are actually ready to go.  What sets this tour apart from the others is the fact that we are flying Club Class for all legs of this trip.   We decided to splash out for my recent 50th birthday, as well as Sue's 49th.  Yes.  We share the same birthday.  So, what a better way to celebrate than with extra leg and bum room as well as "gourmet" airplane food!  

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