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Mediocre Follow-Up 2019

North Judson, Indiana to San Francisco, California

By John Pickett
2,990 miles (4,812 km) over 45 days between May 15, 2019 and Jun. 28, 2019
Introduction heart 3
The Mule Abides heart 4
Long Road to the Start heart 2
Straight West heart 3
Getting My Kicks heart 3
Getting My Ass Kicked on Route 66 heart 7
Headwinds Are a State of Mind heart 5
Getting a Push heart 2
Every Tour Needs a Near Death Experience or Two heart 2
Roadside Attractions heart 2
One of Those Days in the Ozarks heart 3
Ozark Roadkill heart 3
Put Away Wet heart 2
Church, Pie, Tornados, and Flooding heart 4
It's Supposed to Be an Adventure, Right? heart 4
Second Eureka heart 3
Dixie Chicks Kind of a Ride heart 3
Pacelining to the Moon heart 2
The Long Straight Road heart 2
Five Went Riding heart 2
Sailing the Prairie Winds on Hwy 93 heart 2
Dust in the Wind heart 2
Day "Off" Morning heart 3
Flying to Ordway heart 1
We Approach the Rockies heart 2
Let's Ride over a Mountain. NOT! heart 4
What a Difference a Day Makes heart 3
Resting Up heart 4
Conquering the Monarch heart 4
Three Pieces of Eight heart 4
Listening to My Body heart 4
Off Route to Norwood heart 5
Two Rides in One heart 3
A New State heart 2
Double Duty heart 3
Bonking for 51 Miles heart 3
Capitol Reef National Park heart 5
Over the Boulder heart 2
Hogback and Headwinds heart 3
That's a Clown Hoodoo, Bro heart 5
Cedar Breaks heart 4
No Where to Go But Milford heart 2
Three Summits, Two Dust Devils, One New State heart 2
Easy Day Turned Hard heart 2
Rest Day in Ely heart 2
Rest Is Good heart 2
Taken heart 2
A Short Day heart 2
Out of Desolation heart 2
A Capital Day heart 2
Over the Top heart 3
8,000 Feet, 94 Miles, 40 MPH, and a Ton of Hemoglobin heart 4
Gems in the Breakdown Lane heart 2
You Have to Earn It heart 2
Aftermath in The City heart 2
The Mule Comes Home heart 2
Recovery heart 3
A Note from 2021 heart 2
Highlights and Pictures heart 2