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The No Tear Tier

Cycling the Southern Tier

By Mark Bingham
2,180 miles (3,508 km) over 55 days between Sep. 22, 2008 and Nov. 15, 2008
about this journal heart 6
training for the tour, part one: the farmer's blow heart 4
training for the tour, part two: the archaic tourer heart 9
FAQ heart 4
stuff I'm taking this year heart 4
the first day of autumn, jack the tour guide, world's worst burrito heart 25
salsa, quick calculations, plastered city, safety first!!! heart 25
the great debate, my worst day of cycling ever, are you having fun? heart 36
yes, virginia, there is a santa heart 10
no desert gold, brenda, klaus, clean restrooms, agnews heart 28
thirty percent, the tradition, the massage heart 22
drafting in my living room, surprise, the finger, black hole heart 10
working rest day heart 5
sprawl, AJFD, everything in the desert, lost dutchman heart 13
a superior hot dog, top of the world diner, don and the casino heart 46
the gift, erin, klaus is not my friend, this is the life heart 37
three-way, grasshoppers, one cheek to blackjack heart 71
coasting cold, new mexico, silver city retirement heart 32
rainy rest day, armies, collared peccary, sweat heart 11
massive mine, ceiling tiles and toast bandages, trundling, emory pass, black range lodge, strawbale houses heart 75
pepper town, mercy from marcy, my personal beer coach heart 32


new computer, spoke repair, you may not walk naked through the halls, the safety radar pings heart 53
joe's advice, juarez, fearless, percolator heart 37
adios el paso, cecil and his chihuahuas heart 43
however, 13,000 km, border patrol, my friend heart 29
precision touring, soft, pain, -rhea town heart 15
text message, wind, twilight zone heart 11
big bend, walking sticks, desert plants heart 24
flat, hoping it works out, iriide to iraan, chrystal heart 18
bettina, ozona, four people heart 7
library, flats, short day heart 5
I'm my own cautionary tale, patches, dumber than a box of rocks heart 24
the push mower guy, leaving I-10, texas hill country, craig heart 16
rest day, adam knows bruce heart 3
luckenbach, geology, rowes, look who I found heart 20
failing, 14K, leaving the hill country heart 15
just like mom's, I meet johnwayne, everbody's always on a diet, dillo heart 18
chicken ranch, happy water, little churches heart 18
ari and erin, birthplace of texas, competitive sports heart 7
rest day, sign in the donut store, computer heart 7
rest day, buppy's, end of the party heart 8
happy birthday, honey island joe helps out, still.... heart 13
a religious conversion, combining art forms, tall mailbox/grahamtown heart 15
jim in the tiger's den, the $29.00 motel heart 37
end maintenance, the ping pong conversation, a scary sight on halloween heart 37
mississippi crossing, old centenary inn, or at least I hoped, why there are only three places to eat heart 11
the meauxs, historic homes, even the valedictorians, bear's corner, 42 heart 20
like chicken fried steak, dustin, gumpish, kevin heart 15
the odd thing, panhandler, stoned county, no shoulder heart 7
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