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Green Is The Colour

Bicycling Europe On A Dawes Galaxy.

By Sean Kane
11,666 km (7,245 miles) over 236 days between Feb. 25, 2015 and Oct. 18, 2015
We Travel heart 0
January: The Waiting Game: Winter Cycling on The Antrim Coast and Co Down. heart 0
Visas: What Visas? heart 0
Money Management: UK Banking Difficulties. heart 0
February: Doing My Bit To Show Off My Local heart 0
Bring Me My Bible: Tying Up Loose Ends: And: My First Music Choice For A Desert Island. heart 0


Setting Off: Afternoon Half Of Day One Has Me Riding Coastal Round Dundalk Bay, Looking Left Across The Sea At Home I Left Behind. heart 0
The Irish East Coast Continued: Counties Meath, Dublin, Wicklow And Wexford, To French Ferry. heart 0
Normandy: Escaping Grey Skies, Cold Wind And Rain Of Northern France. heart 0
The Loire Valley: Prepetual Blue Sky And Warmer Continental Climate. heart 0
Rhone-Alpes: The Road Further To Lyon. heart 5
Cote Du Rhone: Lyon to near Carpentras. heart 2
Across Provence To Cote d'Azur: The Rhone To Nice. heart 0
Relaxing Not: Nice is Nice. heart 0
Via Roma: Nice to Genova. heart 0
Genova heart 0
Via Roma Continued: Genova to Florence. heart 0
Florence: The city where people flock. heart 0
The Green Hills Of Tuscany: Firenze to 14km before Siena. heart 0
Siena And Onward: 14km before Siena to Somewhere (lost). heart 0
Sights On The Way South: Somewhere (lost) to Panicale. heart 0
Going Off Coarse: Panicale to near Tenral. heart 0
Going Well Off Coarse: near Terni to near Norcia. heart 0
A Wutherering Heights is Me: near Norcia to old quarry campsite. heart 0
Fresh Faced: quarry campsite to derelict house campsite. heart 0
Sand Castles: derelict house campsite to woodland. And on to Naples. heart 0
Napoli: Or new-metropol (na = new poli metro...) as the Greek founders christianed the city in 600 BC. The English language name "Naples" sounds so bland. heart 0
Everthing Isn't Green And Summery heart 0
Everything is Green and Summery: Naples to Pompei. heart 0
Between The Coast And The Mountain: Pompei to Sapri. heart 0
Gentle Green Puglia: Sapri to Bari. heart 0
Gone With The Ferries: Bari to Bar-Montenegro. heart 0
Beer For Breakfast: Bar to Snake-camp, to Canyon/Old road camp. heart 0
River Canyon Deep And Mountain High: canyon/old road camp to woodland camp, to pinetree cutting camp. heart 0
One Hundred To One: Pine-tree camp to Mosquito Camp. heart 0
All Things Being Equal: Mosquito camp to Belgrade heart 0
When It Stops Raining: A Week in the White City-Belgrade, on the confluence of the Sava and Danbue. heart 0
The Direct Route: Belgrade to Novi Sad. heart 0
Deviation: Novi Sad Back to Belgrade. heart 0
Green in the Face heart 0
What Month Is It?: June Already! Getting Out Of Belgrade. heart 0
What The News Didn't Say: South Of Belgrade To Near Krajevo. heart 0
A Frontier Crossed: Near Krajevo to inside Kosovo. heart 0
Divided: Inside Kosovo to Pristina. heart 0
Once Seen: Pristina to Near Kosovo/Montenegro Border. heart 0
Return to Monte: near Kosovo/Montegro border to beyond Andrijevica heart 0
Generousity: Beyond Andrijevica to Rasova. heart 0
Mountain Tour de Force: Rasova to Trsa. heart 0
The Right Turn: Trsa to near Trnovo (BiH). heart 0
SARAJEVO revisited heart 0
I Survived To Compare Notes: Sarajevo to Mostar heart 0
To The Black Mountain: Mostar to Kotor. heart 0
Final Day In The Balkans: Kotor to Bar. heart 0
Italy South by Southwest: Bari to Cosenza. heart 0
Calabria: near Cosenza to Villa San Giovanni (the ferry to Sicily) heart 0
The Eagle Has Landed (On Sicily): Messina to Palermo. heart 0
Palermo: The End Of Italy. heart 0
(sung) Palermo Palermo Palermo. Pal-err-mo! heart 0
Via Francia: Genova to Moiola. heart 0
Desert Island Discs' Second Choice heart 0
Riding In This Year's Tour De France: Moiola to Peyruis (Fr) heart 0
Books to Beer in Provence: Peyruis to Arles. heart 0
Ici Le Chef C'est Moi: Days off in Arles heart 0
Changing Course: Arles to Carcassonne. heart 0
Towards The Mountains.: Carcassonne to near Arreau heart 0
Legendary Giant of The Tour de France: Arreau to Luz Saint Sauveur. heart 0
Hard and Easy: Saint Luz Sauveur to KM 22 for Col du Portalet heart 0
Going Mental: D934-km 22 to near Embalse Yesa (Rio Aragon) heart 0
Buen Camino: Embalse Yesa (Rio Aragon) to near Tauste (Rio Riguel). heart 0
Windmills Not in Cevantes' Book: near Tauste to Hilltop before Codos. heart 0
Scenic: Hilltop before Codos to 10 km after Molina de Aragon. heart 0
Hidious Hills: 10 km after Molina de Aragon to camp in stubble field on N420 14 km south of Cuenca. heart 0
Shop Day: South of Cuenca, N320 to near Campo de Criptana. heart 0
Windmills Are They?: near Campo de Criptana to Rio/Lago Jabalon. heart 0
Wind-turbines Aren't The Only Renewable: Rio Jabalon to beyond Fuertecaliente. heart 0
Via de Servicio: Beyond Fuertecaliente/oldroad km 86 to Cordoba. heart 0
Cordoba heart 0
Leaving Funky Hostel: Cordoba to Puerto Gentil. heart 0
Adonde Vas? Where Are You Going?: Puente Genil to A384-km 74. heart 0
Not My Breakfast Rat: A384-km 74 to El Chaparrito and on to Cadiz. heart 0
Never A Dull Moment: Cadiz to Sevilla. heart 0
Family Break Up: Seville to woodland beyond Huelva. heart 0
Northerners in The South: Forest after Huelva to Olnao on the Algarve. heart 0
N125: Olhan to Sagres heart 0
Nothing Boring: Sagres to near Odemira. heart 0
Passing Through (Hunters, Englishmen, Cows and a Goatherder): near Odemira to bad road/ sandy camp. heart 0
A Stuck Record: Sandy Forest Camp to Lisbon. heart 0
Old Town: Time Out in Lisbon. heart 0
Still Here heart 0
In One Ear And Out The Other: Lisbon to Maize field camp. heart 0
Tale of The Un-expected (Motorway): Maize field camp to Eucalyptus camp. heart 0
Piddling Down: Campsite to Figuero Dos Vinhos. heart 0
Raining Again: Figuero Dos Vinhos to hilltop woodland camp. heart 0
The Sun Makes An Appearance: Hilltop woodland to near Zebreira. heart 0
Misdemeanor: Zebreira to Olive Grove Camp. heart 0
Are You Still Interested?: near Talavan to Puerto heart 0
Beating About The Bush: Puerto...something to Puerto... something-else. heart 0
Raining On The Way: Puerto to roadside near La Canada. heart 0
All That I Knew Was A Hole In My Tent (That Was Letting In Water! Letting In Water?): Near Canada to Madrid-Hostel Las Musas. heart 0
Desert Island Discs: Third Music Choice, with Comments on This Tour. heart 0