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May 29, 2021

Day 17 - Bluegrass Longhorn Ranch, KY to Buffalo, KY

Spaghetti leg

Queen Anne's lace grows 10' tall here
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Bill ShaneyfeltNot Queen Anne's lace. Poison hemlock! Seriously invasive and toxic!
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Jordan BucknerTo Bill ShaneyfeltOh wow, that's good to know! Thanks for the comment!
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Today was going to be a big day to reach our warm showers host. We wanted to get an early start, but it was still raining. It took us a while to get ready to go, so it was probably 930 before we left. Donna had made us coffee yesterday, so at least that was warm. My shoes and socks had gotten soaked from just walking around in the grass so I was on my second pair of 3. We started the ride and I had to pee immediately. I think I had drank too much coffee and after the 4th time peeing I was starting to get concerned. I hadn't been drinking water and wasn't thirsty so I stopped and had an electrolyte drink and some snacks while Mallory mailed some stuff home. I also changed into my 3rd pair of socks because my feet were wet. It was in the fifties all day and I was wearing a jacket, gloves, and leg warmers. We got to Harrodsburg and had a lunch at a cafe. After hitting the road again, we grinded on. The scenery was becoming very pretty. We are leaving the Appalachians and the mountains have become sub 1000 feet. When you ride it looks like we are winding down through the valley of the last strings of the mountains.

Cool farm valley
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We became a bit delirious around 70 some miles. My feet were still cold, and I had only drank a little water all day. We made it to our hosts place around 830  and showered up. We stayed up late talking to the host, Neal, and another cyclist, Wilson. Wilson travels by bike full time and has been at it for 10 years. He has crazy road stories of being hit by cars, extreme hospitality, and tonadoes. He has even biked across the states on a vintage single speed with coaster brake. He urged us to not rush through the trip and suggested we stay a few nights here. Although they are very hospitable, I kinda don't want this trip to last forever. We need to finish sometime right? But it's interesting to hear other people's opinions. I always thought a bike trip was the ultimate slow travel affair, but this isn't the first person to tell us to slow down... I always read about people online wishing they had taken more time as well, but is that just them wishing they would have done more because they know they will never have another big adventure? Near midnight, I finally got to bed. We slept well even though we were on the loudest bed I've ever been on. We have no plan for tomorrow night, but plan on sleeping in and leaving later than usual.

Altitude gain:5100

Today's ride: 97 miles (156 km)
Total: 872 miles (1,403 km)

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