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May 30, 2021

Day 18 - Buffalo, KY to Falls of Rough, KY

Redneck yacht club

Today we woke up late and left around 1045 from Neal's place. He showed us the spring fed creek by his house while we were packing up and we met his very energetic blue heeler (sp?). Wilson had rode off to church this morning, which was nice since he was very adamant about us staying another day and visiting Lincoln monuments and museums. There is so much Lincoln stuff here but I'm not too interested in seeing the house he was born in. I'm not feeling too patriotic these days. On the road it was windy and I feel tired from yesterday. It is still a little chilly - about 67 - but at least it is sunny. We stopped at the DG in Sonora to replenish snacks since we ate most everything yesterday during the late night push. Right after leaving, we met Mark. He rode past us and turned around to chat. We had been creeping on his Instagram and we knew him from a WhatsApp group that Mallory was in. We ended up riding the rest of the day together. We passed the time zone change and the hill right before was epic. We heard of people having to walk their bikes up but all of us made it. We stopped for Mallory to have a pic infront of the county line.

Trusty steeds
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Once we got near the lake, the traffic increased. There were tons of partying people out on the lake and I was a bit nervous on the road.

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Once we got near the rapid river dam we started to look for camping but everywhere was booked. The traffic was bad for memorial day weekend (it's Sunday) and there were long lines of cars trailing us. Mark called the state park, mentioned we were biking, and they said they let bikers camp at the airfield for $10 a tent. We finished out the day and checked in at the lodge. We showered at the airfield lounge and set up our wet tents to dry. We ended up going to the lodge to eat dinner too. It was pretty good, we ordered baked potatoes, fried okra, and veggie burgers. We also got 2 beers for free since Kentucky is dumb and makes you do a separate transaction for food and beverages (more than half the counties are dry). We still need to try some local bourbon and an "ale 8" before leaving KY.  We are trying to stay in seebree tomorrow at a semi famous church bike hostel. Then we only have about 140 miles after sebree. My butt hurts today after that 97 mile day yesterday, but hopefully it's better tomorrow...

Airfield sleep. The driver of this plane was practicing take off/landing untill 9 or 10 pm
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Altitude gain:2500

Today's ride: 58 miles (93 km)
Total: 930 miles (1,497 km)

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