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May 31, 2021

Day 19 - Falls of Rough, KY to Sebree, KY

Bourbon and ale 8

This morning was a bit of a slog to get everything packed up and cleaned. Everything was drenched in dew. We were on the road by 830 and instantly hit some steep hills.

We were almost out of water and stopped at this church to use their spigot but they put a lock on it!
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There was a wide load hay bale hauler stick behind us on the longest hill. It sucks when they have to just idle beside you while you are going like 5 mph. We stopped to regroup and we had heard there was a junkyard dog coming up so we prepared our weapons. The group ahead of us said they pepper sprayed it and it was still coming at them. Mallory has pepper spray, but we all planned to stop and get off the bike because mark swears by it. He says the dogs only chase when you run but when we passed the junkyard the dogs were restrained. But later Mary was in front and a mom dog came out of nowhere. It caught up to her and bit her pannier. Luckily there was no damage and the dog didn't come after any of us after that. We stopped several time today to get snacks and found ale 8 at a c store. We also got a few stretches of tail wind too!

Tail wind area
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Local scene
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There were a few times we were cruising at 18 mph. Apparently it's an only Kentucky thing and we were told to have that before we left. They also said to have Kentucky bourbon. We finally arrived in Sebree at 5 and found the church bike hostel. I had seen this hostel on journals from 2006 so it's semi famous. It didn't let us down. They have the best set up I have ever seen. Two kitchens, cots, laundry, pillows, bike gear and everything. We went to the Mexican grocery and bought stuff for burritos. We also stopped and got mini bottles of Kentucky bourbon since we are leaving KY tomorrow. We ate, had the bourbon(gross) and played boxcar with Mark. I won tonight. Super fun game and you only need 6 dice to play. We all went to bed. I iced my ankle for a while since it was pretty swollen but it didn't really hurt. I'm gonna try to not push too hard tomorrow and maybe change something in my bike in Carbondale, IL (the next bike shop) to see if I can remedy the situation.

This church is massive and this is only a small part. We all slept down here. The kitchen is behind the photo
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Altitude gain:3000

Today's ride: 71 miles (114 km)
Total: 1,001 miles (1,611 km)

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