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May 28, 2021

Day 16 - Berea, KY to Bluegrass Longhorn Ranch, KY

This far from the shire

We slept in untill 730 or so. The room was quiet and cool. We walked to a smoothie shop, and then right to the native bagel co. They had vegan Cream cheese and great coffee. We walked back to the hotel and lounged for a while before starting to get our things together. We had a later check out and left around 1130 to stop at the Walmart in town. We have had a hard time finding lunch foods like hummus and vegan snack bars, so hopefully Walmart will come through. It's raining off and on today, so hopefully it won't be too bad, but we are only trying to make it to the bluegrass Texas longhorn ranch to camp. Eastbound from Kentucky David and Hank that we met in Palmyra said it was an awesome place to stay, so this is our half rest day. Should be about 25 miles from here and it's just north of Lancaster KY (not sure what town it is actually in). We need to plot out our next moves as well since we are on a new map! (Map 10 of 12) it doesn't look like a bunch of camp spots on the way to Carbondale, IL. Luckily the elevation profile mao changed to a smaller scale so the hills are officially getting smaller. After packing up, we left around 1130. After the Walmart run, the rest of the ride went by fine, even though it was raining off and on. We were glad to arrive at the longhorn ranch around 3. We all showered up and Donna came by to welcome us. She brought us doughnuts and coffee for the morning and we met the neighbor, who was bringing his granddaughter to see the horses. The neighbor asked us a bunch about the trip, he went and got us some beers and sat down for a chat. When he heard we were vegan, he went and brought us some vegan chili and crackers! His granddaughter invited us over to pet their cows and we couldn't say no.

Friendly cows. Most cows run when they see cyclists but are ok with cars flying by
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The cattle farmers here are really good to their cows, it's too bad most meats don't come from these types of places. We went back to camp and made food. A few more rain clouds came through but we were mostly covered by the shelter. The mini chiminea was fired up and kept it toasty.

Can't beat this
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We were being foolish because although the rain had held off since we arrived, all the sudden the wind changed direction and the horses ran off to the barn. We knew we needed to set up camp but out stuff was all over. By the time we got the tents up, it was dark, raining, and very windy.

Hiding from rain
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We threw our stuff into the tents and tried to make everything as watertight as possible. We went to bed and slept well. It was nice and chilly. Luckily we were dry, but our stuff outside wasn't so lucky. So far, this part of KY is great. Beautiful rolling hills, few cars and many farms. A huge improvement over the last few days.

Altitude gain: 1400

Today's ride: 26 miles (42 km)
Total: 775 miles (1,247 km)

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