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May 27, 2021

Day 15 - Booneville, KY to Berea, KY

Highway in hell

Last night was scary, I woke up several times to some barking animal that wasn't a dog. Sometimes I would wake up and see hundreds of fireflies, and another time it was dense fog. When it was finally morning, the dense fog was back. We had no bathroom this morning so we ate and packed quickly so we could bike to the c store. After using the bathroom, we set off towards Berea. It was around 90 degrees and humid. We didn't have the Hardee's climbs to do today, but it was generally uphill to Berea. Berea is supposed to be a good city and I was hoping for a respite from KY. We went on the worst road so far today though. Highway 25 was a very busy, winding 2 lane road with no shoulder.

Cool views descending onto booneville. Mallory may be visible ahead near a dump truck if you look closely
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The mountains are smaller but more featured here
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We passed a rock quarry and I could see tracks from the trucks exiting in our direction... The locals told us to get off the road twice and there were several times when we almost died from dump trucks. Finally we pulled into town at 2 and the first place we see is the Boone hotel. We had planned on splitting a hotel room and doing a half day tomorrow (25 miles to the bluegrass longhorn farm). Partly because of being tired and partly because it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. We got a double bed room and wheeled the bikes upstairs. It's a beautiful old hotel with tall 12' ceilings. We gently stacked the bikes and went out for a late lunch. We had burgers a papalinos.

 We stopped at the Berea school craft store to see what the students make. The college was founded to educate poor Appalachian people. You cant get in unless your parents make less than 45k. Every students goes free and you get assigned a job. They make furniture, pottery, and a ton more. They have jobs all around town. They work the hotel and in alot of restaurants. The pottery and wood work is immaculate.
After stopping at the store, we went back to the room for a nap before dinner. We walked over to noodle nirvana for dinner. It was excellent and had alot of vegan options. We were so excited for the bed and full sized pillows we went to bed around 9. It was nice walking around the city with no bike to watch. 

Mileage: 49

Altitude gain:3300

Today's ride: 49 miles (79 km)
Total: 749 miles (1,205 km)

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