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Bike touring is about enjoying being out on the bike over multiple days.  Like other hobbies, there are as many ways to do it as there are practitioners.  

By the standards of CycleBlaze, we were pretty wimpy on this trip.  Our bags were carried for us by unseen hands and every night was spent in a comfortable hotel that was pre-booked.  There was no drama, no late arrivals, and only a tiny bit of rain.

I decided to document this trip anyway, because I think that there's a place for this kind of trip.   If bike touring has a future, it's going to be based on getting ever-larger numbers of people out on their bikes.  Not everyone is ready or able to buy an expensive touring bike, load it up with lots of weight, and pedal up mountain passes.

So let this journal serve as a humble reminder that there are avenues that lead to cycle touring for the out-of-shape, the fearful, and the less adventurous among us.  Like Robin and Rich!  :)

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Mike AylingAbsolutely Rich. Anything that enables the chronologically challenged to continue touring such as what you have just done, ebikes etc is a good thing.

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