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Grampies Go Hawaiian Winter 2014

A Circle Tour of the Big Island

By Steve Miller/Grampies
700 km (435 miles) over 26 days between Nov. 17, 2014 and Dec. 12, 2014
What Hawaii Means for Us heart 0
What Has Gidget Got To Do With This? heart 0
Oh, Oh, Pahoa heart 0
Getting "there and back again" (or not) heart 0
Now We're Cooking heart 0
The Route heart 0
Sleeping Around (the Island) heart 0
Equipment (in) Pieces heart 0
A Tale of Two Pulleys heart 0
Thinking About Blogs heart 0
Packing Up heart 0
A Little More (or less) on DaBrim heart 0
Montreal: An off topic but short vignette heart 0
Protected Mosquito Population? heart 0
Day 1: Don't Ask, Don't Tell?: We are in Kona! heart 0
Day 2: Kona to Captain Cook heart 0
Day 3: Captain Cook to Hookena heart 0
Day 4: Hookena to Manuka State Park heart 0
Day 5: Manuka State Park to Punaluu Beach Park heart 0
Day 6: Punaluu Beach Park to Volcano Park heart 0
Day 7: Volcano National Park heart 0
Day 8: Volcano National Park: Around the Crater Rim heart 0
Day 9: Volcano National Park: A trip to Volcano Village heart 0
Day 10: Volcano National Park to Hilo heart 0
Day 11: Hilo: Banyan Drive and Happy (American) Thanksgiving heart 0
Day 12: to Pahoa (and back): OK: Pahoa! heart 0
Day 13: Hilo: Panaewa Rainforest Zoo and Mauna Loa Macadamia Factory heart 0
Day 14: The Shrieking Frogs heart 0
Day 15: Hilo to Tropical Botanic Garden (and back): Paradise Found heart 0
Day 16: Hilo to Laupahoehoe heart 0
Day 17: Lapahoehoe to Honokaa: Paradise Lost, or just changed. heart 0
Day 18: Honokaa to Waimea heart 0
Day 19: Waimea to Hawi heart 0
Day 20: Hawi to Kapa'au and beyond (and back): Hiding Out heart 0
Day 21: Hawi to Hapuna Beach: Iron Grampies heart 0
Day 22: Hapuna Beach to Kailua Kona heart 0
Day 23: Kona: Iron Shoppers heart 0
Day 24: Goodbye ocean, flowers, and sun heart 0
Coming Home heart 0
What We Thought of Going Hawaiian heart 0
What Worked and What Didn't heart 0
Kona Coffee? heart 0
Hit Counts: (Hits count!) heart 0
What It Cost heart 0
Kona Coffee? Round Two heart 1
Ocean, flowers, and sun - The Next Generation heart 1