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June 9, 2022

Cumberland to Little Orleans

Detours, VERY steep hill, and shuttle

This was a sort of weird day again. 30 miles into the ride there was a mega detour that we'd been hearing about for days. The exit part from the PawPaw Tunnel was closed so you had to walk/hike on a narrow hiking trail UP and over the elevation the tunnel was supposed to avoid. Those of us with heavy e-bikes  thought there was no way to get them over and the only detour was a very rugged 15 mile dirt road so Ken offered to shuttle us to the B and B where we were staying at the top of a 7 mile STEEP climb. We were going to shuttle anyone up who wanted it anyway. Sooooo we shuttled from the detour to the B and B. Stan, Margaret G, Margaret S. and Chuck and Dave all went the detour climb with their light bikes. Chuck and Dave were staying elsewhere that night so missed the 7 mile STEEP climb. We picked up Margaret G. at the base of the 7 mile STEEP hill. Margaret S. and Stan rode UP it! They maintain it was harder than the detour hill. They also said John and I could have managed that detour climb so I'm a little disappointed we didn't do it. But hind sight is always better! Kudos to those who made it!!!

No pics today!

Today's ride: 30 miles (48 km)
Total: 1,193 miles (1,920 km)

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