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June 12, 2022

Brunswick to Arlington, VA - the end!!!

Last ride of the journey!!! 1,348 miles since May 3

A bittersweet day for sure! 60 final miles to the end of our journey.  54 more miles on the C&O to reach mile 0. We wanted to do the whole trail so we did not detour off to the Capital Crescent Trail (paved) which is probably the way to go. Our final 2.5 miles were a little less cared for including a very narrow section into Georgetown and getting a little lost in Georgetown detours trying to find mile zero. We did though. Some nice ladies loading bikes on a car asked if we were looking for mile zero. When we said we were, they directed us to the marker. 

We then went through DC along the Potomac on the Rock Creek Trail and crossed into Arlington on the Arlington Memorial Bridge. As we have been to the Mall many times and Stan was going to tour it tomorrow we did not ride in to the Lincoln Memorial on this trip. The ride to the hotel through Arlington was actually quite nice and a good way to wrap up the trip.

Special thanks as always to Ken and Nancy for putting together this amazing journey. It was so good to ride with so many of our biking buddies. The long distance rides we do with them every year are special and we look forward to the next one. 

Great Falls just after we passed through Fletcher's Cove.
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I think on this trip we rode the most frequently with Stan from Wisconsin, a great rider who knows bikes and birds. It was good to get to know him and I look forward to riding with him again sometime. Too bad his mirror blocks his face in this photo but there are others in this journal.
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Need I say more!?
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Today's ride: 63 miles (101 km)
Total: 1,348 miles (2,169 km)

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