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More Bike Modifications

I've made a few more changes to my modified Trek Belleville, the bike I'm going to use for this trip. First I added a stem extender to raise the handlebars, then I replaced the handlebars. The replacement handlebars are used - taken off an old bike I happened upon last fall in Metamora, Illinois. This bike's handlebars are better than what I had on the Belleville in two ways: the hand-grip area is longer - made to accommodate hand brake levels and a shifter, and they have comfortable forward curved areas at the locations where I often position my hands.

A Huffy Bay Pointe: I may restore this someday, but right now I want the handlebars.
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Handlebars: Huffy on bike (for the trip), Wald 867 sitting above (for the bike parts box)
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I'm trying a new seat which has good reviews - a Selle Royal Ondina. It worked well for me on my one test ride - a forty-four mile loop to Eureka, Illinois on July 1.

Seat: Selle Royal Ondina with 'Royalgel'
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The change I'm most excited about is my new shifter - a Shimano NEXUS SL-3S95. I kept knocking the old shifter out of gear, and it wasn't the correct one for the bike, anyway. This new one is sweet!

Shifter: Shimano NEXUS SL-3S95
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I added a second generator to supplement the front hub dynamo. It's working well as far as power output to my storage battery, but the drag on the front wheel is noticeable.

Dynamo: 12-volt, 6-watt bottle generator (Tung Lin #187-856)
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Mark BinghamYou're obviously a whiz at electrical and power topics, and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about the PedalCell.
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2 years ago
Jeff TeelTo Mark BinghamMark,
Thanks, but you're giving me too much credit. My knowledge is based on what I learned in the 1970s, and I haven’t kept up.
After checking out the PedalCell website, I’m sold. Except my bicycle lights are 12vDC-based, and my GPS adapter needs 12vDC also.
I may try a different approach for my next trip. I received at Christmas a Tacklife T6 "Jump Starter" battery, which supposedly has enough power to start a car. Figuring out how to charge it with a dynamo is beyond me, but I’m thinking it has enough power reserve to keep me going for several days before it needs a 120vAC recharge. We’ll see.
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2 years ago

New brake pads and new tires (Continental Country Plus, size 700c x 37mm [37-622]) finished the bike preparations. I also attached a handlebar-mounted smartphone holder I received for Christmas last year. It may come in handy if I get too far off route.

Finished: a further modified "Trek Belleville" - 50.5 pounds
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Test ride: trying everything out (including me) on July 1, 2017
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My August 6, Sunday morning departure doesn't have me in panic-mode quite yet, but I sense that's coming.

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