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Following the Ponca Trail 390
The Great Plains Trail - Sort Of 7667
Metamora, USA 1235
Celebrating in Manito, Illinois 38
Central Illinois Holiday Weekends 22
Centered on Central Illinois 66
Nebraska on the Open Road 839
Wisconsin on the Kick-back 570
Getting Aligned 151
Diversion into Kansas 169
Southern Indiana on the Kick-back 185
Iowa on the Tri-speed 133
Tri-points on the Tri-speed 253
Northern Indiana on the Open Road 74
Following the Straight Path 106
To Surprise Laurie 56


Presently live in Morton, Illinois (Tazewell County) - a village of 17,117 located nine miles southeast of Peoria, Illinois.

Born in 1955. Grew up in Marquette Heights, Illinois. In 1973, my folks and sisters moved to Eureka, Illinois, and I went off to Valparaiso, Indiana, to study electronics at Valparaiso Technical Institute. I did my first (unintentional) overnight bike trip from there, sleeping underneath the IN-49 bridge over the Kankakee River (using a map for a blanket) on my way back from Rensselaer, Indiana. "You can't just pedal off without some thought about returning." was the lesson I learned that weekend. After graduating, I worked for several companies as a technician (Instrument, Maintenance, Electronics, Electrical), before ending up with my present job - in chemistry. December 31, 2021 update: I'm retired.

During lunch on July 7, 2008, I said to my wife, "I think I'll ride my bike to pick up the vegetables this afternoon." She didn't say anything to discourage me, so off I went on my first town-to-town adventure since my college days. We were members of a CSA at the time, and vegetables were picked up between 5:00pm and 6:00pm in Eureka - 17 miles away. I was beat that evening, but also had that satisfying feeling that I was able to do it. That trip led to other CSA pick-up trips, and eventually planned overnight trips - much to the initial consternation of my folks and sisters.

Halfway into my first town-to-town bike trip - July 7, 2008, Eureka, Illinois (photo by my dad)

I took this picture on my first planned overnight bicycle trip. It's my favorite:

May 11, 2009 - eastern Tazewell County, Illinois

BIKES: 1977 Montgomery Ward Open Road, 2010 Trek Belleville, 1965 Schwinn Typhoon, 2007 Surly Long Haul Trucker.

TENT: Coleman Sundome 3-Person 7-ft x 7-ft 2000000134.

GPSs: Magellan MAP 330, DeLorme PN-20 (retired), DeLorme PN-60, DeLorme PN-40 (retired).

CAMERAS: Oregon Scientific Dshot III DS6888A (retired), Kodak C123 (retired).

PHONE/SMARTPHONES: Nokia 5180iP on TracFone plan (retired), BlackBerry Storm 9530 (retired), Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (retired), Samsung Galaxy S22.

WEATHER RADIO: Oregon Scientific WR602.

RADIOS: Grundig FR-200 (retired), Sentry PR799 (retired), Tesslor M8 (retired), Retekess V115.

This table shows calculations on data from my trips: