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Diverted to Nebraska

Last fall I was well along with plans for a touring trip to Wisconsin when coworker Mike asked if I'd heard about the upcoming eclipse. I hadn't. Checking it out on-line, I read that if you haven't seen a total eclipse, you haven't seen an eclipse! So, I haven't seen an eclipse. Then I read that during a total eclipse birds stop singing and the temperature drops. That's cool! I decided Wisconsin could wait one more year, and changed my 2017 destination to be in the total eclipse viewing area on August 21.

The preciseness of locations/times mapped out for the path of this eclipse somewhat amazes me. Checking an on-line path map, I decided I could get as far as the viewing area in southeastern Nebraska (and back) in four weeks, leaving from home, which is Morton, Illinois. Here's the basic route I came up with: home - Hannibal, Missouri - Atchison, Kansas - Beatrice, Nebraska - Keokuk, Iowa - home.

The plan: be at the blue circle on August 21 (total eclipse occurs between the blue lines)
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A clockwise direction of travel will put me within the viewing area several days ahead of time, a precaution just in case I get behind schedule. I'll stay 'between the lines' from then on until after the eclipse. That is unless I get pushed out by the influx of viewers. I recently saw a "Driveshed Map" - an analysis showing highways as streams and rivers funneling viewers to the total eclipse viewing area. I've got to quit looking at stuff like that! At least I've got eclipse glasses before their predicted unavailability, thanks to a church friend who gave me two sets!

A gift: eclipse glasses!
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