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Me and my gear

Kona Sutra - itching to hit the road!
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Howdy!  I'm a newcomer here from... that other site.  I started distance riding about 10 years ago with the US West Coast (9/2013 - 16 days from Seattle to Los Angeles - I was a lot younger then and in better shape!).  Ever since then, I knew I was hooked and wanted to go down south in a big way.  Other tours since then include the US East Coast (5/2017 - 3 weeks from Florida to Maine - listed currently on CGOAB with the user name kendyc - I'll move it over here eventually), and the coast of Portugal (7/2019 - 2 weeks, four videos posted on my YouTube channel).  

This trip was supposed to be all the way to Ushuaia, but work issues/conflicts and other things are forcing me to split it up to just do Central America for right now.  I suppose it is a good way to dip my toe into the area first, and hopefully I'll return and be able to post South America soon after!

I've always been a Trek guy (all previous tours have been on a Trek Portland), but when I went shopping for a new bike in 2022, supply chain shortages prevented me from getting a Trek 520, but I'm thrilled with this 2022 Kona Sutra so far!  My first steel bike, it is solid and handles real well. It is mostly stock except:

Seat: Serfas MSD 100 EGel (tried the Brooks on the West Cost but just wasn't for me)

Stem: Redshift - to help save the wrist, then double wrapped handlebar tape too.  And Quad Lock iPhone holder.

Profile Design aero bars - not that I'll be racing, but to take a brake from the using hands all day.  I've always toured with these and they really save my hands from getting numb!

Tires: Schwalbe Marathon Plus

Pedals: Shimano Click'r, for quick on/off

Rack: Axiom.  It seemed to fit the Ortlieb bags better than the Kona stock rack.

Paniers: Ortlieb Backroller Plus Pro.  I have not fully packed everything as a dry run yet, but hoping it all fits in here without front racks.  Yes, I know about the weight equalization and all, but I can secure everything from theft or whatever a little better with minimal bags here for this destination.

Can't wait to get going!  It will be a great time to escape the cold rain of the PNW to, well, warm rain :)  Actually, the rainy season tapers off in December in Mexico and south, so, it should be much nicer than here, though I'll have plenty of rain gear with me still!

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Steve Miller/GrampiesWelcome to our friendly site. We hope to enjoy reading about many adventures of yours in the years to come.
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1 year ago
Rich FrasierWelcome! I'm looking forward to following along on your adventure. Sounds exciting!
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1 year ago
Bob DistelbergWelcome! And by the way, that looks like a great bike setup!
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1 year ago
Keith KleinHi,
Welcome. I’ll be following along as we endure the winter. Bonne route!
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1 year ago
George HallWelcome to our friendly site! I just discovered this journal, cant wait to catch up with your adventures.
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1 year ago