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December 11, 2022


I left a 40 degree rainy Portland yesterday to arrive at a muggy 80 degree Cancun last night.  When I arrived at the hotel that I made reservations as (strategically located next to Walmart for shopping convenience), I was blasted the sounds of a live band at next door Biker Bar 666.  Yes, that's the real name of it.  It did not stop until about 2:00am last night,  but fortunately that was 11:00 pm for me still, so, no so terrible.  I just spent some extra time  getting all my gear unboxed.  As I'm writing this at about 7:30pm local time now, I hear music, but its not too loud, so, I might be able to go to sleep at a decent hour tonight.  We'll see.

So, the majority of the day today was getting food and supplies at Walmart and getting the bike ready.  only rode around about 10 miles to see the city and test out everything.  There's no restaurant close to me so I had a yummy sweet bread ham egg and cheese thing at Walmart.  It was so good I went back to get one for the fridge for tomorrow morning too.  I got everything I needed except a butane can for the camp stove.   There were no other sporting goods stores around either, so, I got a ready-to-eat enchilada dinner, PB and flat bread, ramen, and of course lots of granola bars, and some rice crispy treats, for those future times where food isn't available.  If I can't a gas can here, I'm not sure where I'll find one now (mainly for beach camping in Costa Rica in a few weeks though).

So in addition to the shock wave of warm humidity and a super-loud band neighbor, other things that did not go so well for me today were:

1) When assembling the bike, I noticed something happened that now it didn't go into the largest rear cog.  After playing with it for a while, I took it to the LBS a mile away or so and they fixed it right up!  Super nice people.

2) My hotel had no hot water while taking a shower. :(

3) I realized my Spanish-speaking skills are severely lacking, even after years of YouTube videos, podcasts, and Netflix Language Reactor.  Estoy aprendiendo though. 

I'm only going to post a couple of pictures on this post though since I had the time today to practice with MS Clipchamp some more and make a YouTube video.  These pictures did not make it in the video below.  Future posts and videos may not be so big, as I may not have so much time as today, so, enjoy this one!

Harry Potter in Cancun?
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Today's ride: 10 miles (16 km)
Total: 10 miles (16 km)

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Kelly IniguezI look forward to following along with you here. Don't forget the sunscreen!
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