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Riding smarter - concessions to aging. (page 3)

Kelly IniguezTo Mark Boyd


I am a slow rider. Slow, but sure. I always get to town in time for a shower before dinner, but any average speed over 10 mph makes me happy. That is not being modest, that's the truth!  10 mph has been my average speed no matter how heavily loaded the bike, how much I weigh, or what my age. Now that I type that out, it does seem odd. Those should be influencing factors, but they aren't.

Thus far, at age 59, I haven't noticed a reduction in speed or endurance. I retired this year, and had plenty of opportunity to ride, but I rode easy, cruising miles. I was a little concerned about the climbing on the fall colors tour. It was just fine. I appreciated the kind routing. It took the worry out of the day for me. I tend to stress over any possible problem. When the riding looks so easy, even I can't find something to worry about, it's a fine day!

We were looking right now at the summer 2022 route. We are riding from Trinidad, CO to Raton, NM and on to Cimmaron. That can be done in one day - 60 miles, 3, 300 feet of climbing. Or, it can be divided into two days. With a stop in Raton, it's a 2,000 foot climb in 20 miles over the pass. There's a perfect example of friendlier routing. 

As to the comment about aging better than my peers - I would definitely agree with that. I know far too many people my age with chronic illness and physical issues. It's motivating.

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1 month ago
Wayne EstesTo Kelly Iniguez


I'm slow but still much fitter than most people my age. It's humbling to tour with people like Tom Swanson who are much older and much faster. I am truly inspired by the people still doing multi-day bike tours in their 70s and 80s.

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1 month ago