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From Bar Harbor to Boston by Robert Ewing

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Graham Smith replied to a comment by Robert Ewing on Introduction

Robert thanks for the informative reply. I had no idea that Australia produced cotton duck. We do grow excellent cotton, albeit in small quantities, and at questionable cost to our struggling river systems.

I’ve ordered a few Carradice cotton duck bags to use on our folding bikes. The Klickfix fixings, combined with with the design of the Carradice saddle and handlebar bags, seem to be very suited to lightweight touring on small wheeled bikes combined with train and bus travel. My first tour with the new bags will be in New Zealand in November. Nothing epic.

8 months ago
Robert Ewing replied to a comment by Graham Smith on Introduction

Hi Graham, The Matildas did very well - probably should have made it to finals. The US team was a disaster and were lucky to make it to the knockout round. They have to reboot and build a team that doesn't play to the premadonna veterans looking for endorsement.

Cotton duck has its strong and weak points. I suppose its strongest sell is being a natural fiber. Its weakest point is being organic and subject to mildew and rot. The very best cotton duck I've ever used is made in Australia. I mean it was on a different level of quality - breathable, water repellent to a degree I would call it waterproof, Excellent UV resistance. Apparently Australia has spec’ed it regarding trucking fresh veggies so they don't stew in their own juices during transport and tarps are made to higher specs than anything available in the USA.

I don't have any experience with English cotton. I assume Carradice uses it. What I've read, it is mostly waxed and they've been treating cotton for a very long time and lots of folk swear by it.

Cotton has poor abrasion resistance. On your classic bike bags you see leather chafe patches to guard against wear. Historically hemp and flax are both stronger and more durable fibers but from what I've seen, fabrics made with them are kind of green boutique and not ready for prime time, and expensive. In the days of old nobody sailed to Australia from England with cotton sails. Flax and hemp flew off the main and gallant yards. Cotton was the domain of the yacht club.

So good to hear from you,

8 months ago
Kathleen Jones commented on a photo in Bucksport to Camdem

That’s quite a historical marker.

8 months ago
Graham Smith commented on Introduction

Hi Robert,

It’s groto see your journal pop up here.

Ah yes.
The FIFA World Cup.
This reader’s team came fourth.
Go The Matildas !

More importantly.
I know that you know textiles.

What’s your opinion on cotton duck fabric. For use to make bike tourer’s gear. eg The fabric which is used by British Carradice.

8 months ago
Mark Bingham commented on a photo in Walden Pond

Is that poison ivy on the side of the trail?

9 months ago
Robert Ewing replied to a comment by Bill Shaneyfelt on a photo in Walden Pond

I'm sure your correct. Our Oregon garters are grey but the same stripes.

10 months ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Walden Pond

Looks like maybe a garter snake, but not enough photo detail to be sure.

10 months ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Exeter to Nashua

Many years ago on a now defunct cycle touring web site, I learned to carry a wad of cotton in my patch kit. For finding hard to see pokers (like tire wires) without shedding blood. Just wipe back and forth inside the tire and fibers catch on the offender making it easy to find.

10 months ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Exeter to Nashua

I kind of avoid doing fungi IDs ...

They are so variable.

10 months ago
Bill Shaneyfelt commented on a photo in Exeter to Nashua

All too familiar!

10 months ago
Robert Ewing commented on Edgecomb to Freeport

I should have left the Map entry invisible. I won't add the map until I get home. We bounce between 3 paper and 3 digital maps. None agree with each other, not even the ACA paper and digital versions.

10 months ago
Mike Ayling commented on Map

Can't see anything!

10 months ago
Andrea Brown replied to a comment by Robert Ewing on The Windup

Oh, of course! I realized after a little research that you're based in the PNW and you actually went through PDX. Okay, back to our program. Carry on!

10 months ago
Robert Ewing commented on The Windup

Andrea, sorry for confusion. Cycleblaze seems a simple to use site but to a simpleton like me it's a challenge. Took me 2 days to post pictures after hours of failed attempts. Then uploading pics from my phone, MJ's phone and our tablet has made a chronological jumble . So we flew from PDX to JFK & then to PWM Maine. And finally a bus ride to Bangor BGR. It's starting to get easier with time. Keep the cards and letters coming.

10 months ago
Andrea Brown commented on a photo in The Windup

Wait. PDX is the Portland, Oregon airport. Did I miss something?

10 months ago