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From C2C - from Westport, Washington to Sandy Hook, New Jersey by John Egan

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Graham Smith commented on Day 61 - Epilogue

John I soaked up this journal with avid interest. I learned a lot about the USA from your writing and photos. I was also mightily impressed with the distances you were riding. You seem not to be phased by the health setbacks you had prior to the tour, and you just pushed on regardless. This was very inspiring to me as I am planning to cycle across Australia soon and have some lingering doubts about my fitness. Reading your journal has encouraged me greatly. Thanks mate from Down Under.

1 year ago
Paul Mulvey commented on a photo in Day 6 - Yakima to Othello

Nice color in the sky contrasted against the ground

3 years ago
Steve Harvey commented on Day 61 - Epilogue

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3 years ago
Jeff Lee commented on Day 61 - Epilogue

I really enjoyed this journal, John... and so much easier reading it on a smaller mobile screen on this site, compared to where it, uh, first appeared.

I share your fondness for Subway chain... I find them much more pleasant than the burger chains. (The old-time country stores are the best of course, but there aren't too many of those left, as you know.)

3 years ago