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Paul Mulvey


Title Ratings
Great Lakes to DC 42
Ohio to Erie Trail 2023 54
The Cycling Duo rides again 39
Coasting the New England Coast 34
Virginia Creeper Trail 3
Touring buddy go for launch 71
The Backyard Tour 68
Downeast Maine and the East Coast Greenway 56
The weekend FINALLY had 2 non-rainy days 3
Bikepacking the Fool's Loop 40
You CAN go home again 51
Silver Comet Express 36
566 miles, 9 days, 1 iPhone: eastward along the Erie Canal 29
Can I Join You? 14
436 miles, 4 ferries, and 1 silky-smooth road in the Outer Banks 22
Living out of a Trailer 22


By day, an IT Business Architect/Product Manager, author, and conference speaker. By night (or rather, by vacation), a wanderlust-filled traveler seeking out new sights, new experiences. Who wants a desk job, really? Sure, there's security there, but look at all the world has to offer - the experience of stopping into a 1960's era roadside eatery and ordering a hot dog and french fries, sleeping in a hammock strung in a park pavilion in a town park overnight (with permission of the local police of course), and riding across a train trestle nearly 2/3-mile long that has been converted into a bicycle-only trail. I LIVE for this stuff. The sights one sees, the food one experiences, the people one meets - this is living life. 

Yes, I'm on my bike. Yes, I like this a lot

Though I have been an ardent road-tripper over the years, and a backpacker since 1993, I recently started bike touring in 2010 with a 1-nighter from Easton, PA to Ocean City, NJ, a tour of about 130 miles. The irony is I wanted to cycle across the United States when I was a senior in High School, but work, university, and then family got in the way. It's only now that my children are out of high school and into university themselves I find the time to "sneak away" for a week to go on a tour by myself.

Thumbs up for bikes!

Want to read more about my experiences? Here are a list of the bike tours I have ridden and journaled. If you like them, please leave me a comment and I'd love to hear from you - hope to see you on the road someday. If you're interested in my YouTube channel, head over to YouTube

    • October 2019 - Downeast513 miles, 12 days, 2 nor-easters, 1 dog-bite. Roughly following the East Coast Greenway from Maine to Pennsylvania.
    • September 2018 - You CAN go home again - 6 days/378 miles riding from Syracuse to Philadelphia through NY and linking together rail trails and lesser-traveled roads.
    • March 2018 - Silver Comet Express. 3-days from Birmingham, AL to Alpharetta, GA - riding home covering the entire Chief Ladiga/Silver Comet trails.

    If you feel that any of the journals were enjoyable, please give them a "like" and leave a comment - I do respond to all comments. And, I'd love to run into other tourers on the road - cheers!