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August 2, 2016

Day 61 - Epilogue

And so - -
I woke up this final day to the call of a mourning dove.
C# - G# - D# - D# - D# ; C# - G# - D# - D# - D#
A soft and gentle start to the morning.

Why not get an early start - like usual?
No rain. No worries. No miles to cover.
I packed up quickly and headed back to the beach.
The sun was barely peeking through the clouds.
A sailboat sailed by.

Sailboat at Sunrise
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Too soon, I hopped back on the bike and over the bridge.
I hoped to find a good breakfast place in Highlands.
And, boy, did I. A little bakery and cafe.
The waitress told me to take a selfie infront of the old A&P store.
The first grocery chain in American - the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.

Juanny at the A&P
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I rode the Hudson Trail along the bay back to the ferry dock.
When I went to pay for the ticket, I realized that I had left my debit card.
No big deal. I’ll just get another one issued when I get back.

The SeaStreak Ferry Coming In
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The ferry ride across the harbor was a wind-blown affair.
The north wind and the speed of the ferry made for a wild ride up top.
But the views of Verrazano Bridge and Manhattan were spectacular.

Gotham Getting Closer
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The Venerable Staten Island Ferry with Lady Liberty
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I rode up the West Side Trail to the 9-11 Memorial.
It’s hard to believe that I once was at the top of the towers.
And the hatred that prompted their destruction.
I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and power of the fountains.

The New World Trade Center Soars
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As a Tribute and Memorial to Those Who Lost Their Lives
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I paused for a moment to contemplate the trip just completed.
And be thankful.

A Happy Boy
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Jeff LeeI really enjoyed this journal, John... and so much easier reading it on a smaller mobile screen on this site, compared to where it, uh, first appeared.

I share your fondness for Subway chain... I find them much more pleasant than the burger chains. (The old-time country stores are the best of course, but there aren't too many of those left, as you know.)
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3 years ago
Steve HarveyType your comment here
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3 years ago
Graham SmithJohn I soaked up this journal with avid interest. I learned a lot about the USA from your writing and photos. I was also mightily impressed with the distances you were riding. You seem not to be phased by the health setbacks you had prior to the tour, and you just pushed on regardless. This was very inspiring to me as I am planning to cycle across Australia soon and have some lingering doubts about my fitness. Reading your journal has encouraged me greatly. Thanks mate from Down Under.
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1 year ago