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August 1, 2016

Day 60 - Hazlet to Sandy Hook

All’s well that ends well.
And did it end well.

Having an extra day at the end gave me the chance to savor and enjoy.
I didn’t have to rush to get anywhere.
The motel buffet was nice, the attendant was from Montenegro.
We talked about the former Yugoslavia and the hardships she faced.
The senseless violence that should never have happened.

I had time to do all my laundry down the street.
The attendant there was from Cyprus.
She came to the U.S. when she was seven.
She took her father back recently - just before he died at 90.

She told me that Greek Cypriots and Turkish never had any problem with each other.
At least not until it became a great power issue.
And she told me that her father crossed over the separation line -
To visit a Turkish cypriot friend who was also 90.
They hugged and wept.

Back at the motel, I asked about getting new shoes.
My shoes were now “Class I” toxic waste. Really.
Went down to the Payless Shoe Store and got me a new pair.
50% off - plus the cashier found me a “$10 Off” coupon.

The Hudson Trail Drops Right Down to the Water before Highlands
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Needless to say, I left Hazlet completely renewed.
Got on the Hudson Bike Trail all the way out to Highlands.
And the last two miles are right on the water’s edge.
So what if the sun is not out - it ain’t raining.
I crossed the high bridge over the Intercoastal Waterway.

Juanny on the Bridge to Sandy Hook
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And I am there - on the Atlantic. People ask, “Where are you going?”
I respond, “Here. I just am finishing a cross-country ride.”
A man cycling with his kids congratulates me.
A family hosting a Syrian family ask all about my trip.

I ride up to Sandy Hook. The ocean is to my right.
A stiff breeze brings the smell of salt water.
I ride as far as you possibly can - and look out towards Manhattan.

The Very End of the Road - New York in the Distance
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Then I come back to the lighthouse and a delightful tour by Ranger Pete.
It feels good to climb the stairs and look out all over creation.
I ride over to Officer’s Row - elegant homes, now derelict.
The sun has come out and paints them in an evening glow.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse
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The Elegant Officers' Quarters Now Sit Derelict
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I take a little time to spend at the ocean’s edge.
I have a shell from the Pacific and a stone from Rayma.
I put them down in the wet sand and watch the waves sweep them away.

Shell, Stone, Surf
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Then I head over to the rocks on Raritan Bay -
To have a delicious dinner of all my leftovers.
Peanut butter and apple, tuna and raisins and a granola bar.
And watch the sun reflect off the water.

Sunset over Raritan Bay
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Today's ride: 21 miles (34 km)
Total: 3,363 miles (5,412 km)

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