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July 29, 2005

Day 73: Old Hazleton almost to Usk

Ughhhhh! It drizzled in the wee hours, then it really started raining after I got up. Fortunately, I had put my bike under the picnic shelter, but unfortunately, the ravens had unzipped my food panniers and had swiped anything they could shred - leaving a trail of plastic grocery sacks. I quickly pulled my tent and my other stuff in under the shelter and waited for the rain to stop. I was also bummed because I had left my journal in Smithers, but was able to track it down once we got to the visitor's centre.

Seven Sisters in the Mist
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The ride to Kitwanga was just plain wet. Rain and more rain. I decided to have a fried salmon lunch at the cafe at the junction. Jean Pierre just stayed outside and had a sandwich then he took off like a bolt of lightning. The road finally levelled out along the Skeena River.

Island in the Skeena River
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Despite the looming clouds and the occasional shower, it was a stunning ride with very light traffic. I found Jean Pierre at the rest area 30 kms east of Terrace as expected. Jean Pierre has come to think of rest areas in BC as reserved camping for cyclists - even though they have "No Camping" signs posted. This time I couldn't argue.

Skeena River near Usk
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We were right on the river's edge with huge western cedars overhead and mountains looming across the river - - not bad for free. The sky was clearer than it had been all day and we hoped for better weather tomorrow.

Today's ride: 75 miles (121 km)
Total: 4,015 miles (6,462 km)

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