Appendix - Too Much Stuff - Western North America - 2005 - CycleBlaze

August 7, 2005

Appendix - Too Much Stuff

Equipment List:

JohnnyGunn Looking into the Sun at Many Glacier
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The Bike:

  1. One Old Geezer
  2. Lucy - 1988 Trek 8000
    Modified for touring with drop handlebars
    More than 100,000 miles of touring and commuting
  3. Old Blackburn Racks, Regular height in front
  4. Arkel Paniers
    Front - T34, Back - T54, Large Handlebar Bag
    Not exactly thrilled with them after 4 tours
    Plus - Attachment system, Minus - Weight
    T34s - Great, T54s - Too many useless little compartments
    Bar Bag - Just one big bucket where you really need compartments
  5. Topeak Mini Convertible Pump - So-so
  6. Rhode Gear Handlebar Mirror
  7. Two Large Water Bottles with Old Socks
    Socks? Yes. Wet socks keep the water ice cold.
    In the boonies I stash two extra quarts - Gatorade bottles do nicely
  8. Cateye Headlamp
    Which doubles as my flashlight

Camping Stuff:

  1. Kelty Redwing 2900 Backpack
    Very nice for wilderness hiking
    Holds tent and sleeping bag while riding
  2. Eureka Backpacker Tent
    Freestanding, rectangular dome
    Don't need to find grassy area which is a big help
  3.  4' x 6' Tarp
  4. Old Sears Hollofill Sleeping Bag
    Should look at a new one
    I like synthetic over down in wet conditions
  5. Campmor Inflatable Pad - Full Length
I Always Prefer to Find a Random Spot to Camp
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  1. HiTec light hikers
  2. Teva sandals
  3. 5 pair cotton socks
    Why skimp here? Your feet love soft, fresh socks.
  4. 1 pair SmartWool socks
  5. 4 pair boxer briefs
    It's a guy thing - -
    But I find the combo far more comfortable (and cheaper) than cycling shorts.
  6. 2 pair REI convertible pants 
  7. 1 pair madras shorts/swimsuit
  8. 2 long T-shirts
  9. 2 short T-shirts
  10. Lightweight fleece t-neck
  11. Northface Hy-Vent jacket
  12. Manzella Glove Liners - great and lightweight!
  13. Turtlefur Earband
    Essential for comfort on downhill runs and chilly mornings
  14. Baseball Cap
    Preferably one that fits under your helmet
  15. 4 or more Bandanas

FYI - I've NEVER had foot rot or prickly butt in 20 years of touring.
My secret - Fresh socks and cotton shorts.


  1. SPF 45 Sunscreen
  2. Insect Repellant at least 33% Deet
    Cutters makes a stick - like stick deodorant
  3. Small Toiletry Bag with Strap with the Usual Stuff
    Really helps for hanging on shower hooks
  4. Over-the-Counter Medications in a Ziploc
    Ibuprofin, Rolaids, Imodium tablets, Neosporin, maybe Tinactin
  5. Baby Wipes - great for when there is no shower to be had 
  6. Talcum Powder
  7. Small scissors and tweezers
    Have multiple uses

Food Prep:

  1. Katadyn Water Filter
    You should absolutely have something to access untreated water.
    If you do iodine tablets, have some lemonade mix to cover the nasty taste.
  2. Cheepo Coleman Mountaineer Stove
    Anything has to be better
  3. MSR Fuel Bottle
  4. Camper Stainless Pan with Lid - Not aluminum!
  5. Plastic Cup
    Just big enough to hole an 18 oz peanut butter jar
  6. Small Hunting Knife and Spoon
  7. Waterproof Matches
  8. Extra Ziploc Bags - large and small

Tools & Repair:

  1. Multitool - Regular and Phillips plus hex wrenches
  2. Small Pliers
  3. Small Crescent Wrench
  4. Chain Tool
  5. Spoke Wrench
  6. Small Nylon Tool Bag - Really helps keep them all together
  7. Spare Inner Tube - 2 if remote
    I only carry a spare tire for very remote place like the North West Territories
  8. Tire Levers
  9. Patch Kit
  10. Sidewall Savers
  11. Small Can of WD-40
  12. Small bottle of lube
  13. Old bandada/rag
  14. Twine, Zip-Ties, Safety Pins, ¼ Roll of Duct Tape (crushed flat)
  15. A couple of extra screws, nuts, and washers of the appropriate sizes

Other Important Stuff:

  1. Northface Fannypack
    That way I always have it on me
  2. Kodak Digital Camera
    I swear by digital but not by Kodak
  3. Address Book
    I get some stamps beforehand - both letter and postcard
  4. Maps - Just enough to get started
    I send maps to general delivery addresses along my route
  5. Money - Cash and Travelers' Checks
    Always good to have in reserve in case they don't take credit or debit cards
  6. A Book - I ALWAYS have something to read, sometimes more than one
  7. A Journal
  8. Couple of Pens and Small Notepad
    One of these is a marker in case I need to hitch-hike
  9. Old Passport, Old Driver's License, and Backup Credit Card
    In Ziploc bag tucked away in deep recess in case I lose my wallet
  10. Music - I make my own
    Harmonica in the boonies, Piano in town

I'm sure I forgot something, but I'll add it if I remember.

Oh, yeah - - 

  1. A lightweight towel
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