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The gear

Spot X. This enables me to send and receive text messages when I don’t have mobile phone reception. It has a tracking function for friends and family to see my precise location every few minutes. It also has a SOS function.

I have Ortlieb bags for the handle bar, and front and rear racks to carry all of my gear.

Koga bike 

Helmet with mirror


Spare tubes x 2 


Spare folding tyre

Spare Gates belt

Repair stickers for tubes 

Repair stickers for tyres 

Gaffa tape 

Koga multi tool 

Brooks saddle wrench 

Saddle cover 

Zip ties 

Pocket knife 

Leatherman squirt multi tool 

Spare bolts 

Spare spokes & nipples 

Spoke tool 

Spare gear cables 

4 x carabiners 

2,3, & 4mm Allen key 

Spare bike computer batteries

Phone holder for handle bar 

2 x 1.5ltr plastic bottles 

2 x 6ltr water bladders 

1 x 1ltr water bottle

Fly net 


Small occy strap 

Clothes line 

6 x pegs 

Pen and notebook

Hilleberg Rogan tent with mesh inner 

Ground sheet 

Thermarest mattress 

Sea to Summit Pillow 

Sleeping bag and inner






1ltr methylated spirits


APPCON 3000 and charger lead 

Phone and charger 

Phone tripod 

SPOT X and charger lead 

4 x USB charger 

Waterproof camera and lead 

20,000mAh power bank


Sun cream 

Bushmans insect repellent 




Small deodorant can 

Nail scissors 

Razor & small bottle of shaving cream 

Lip gloss 

Ear plugs 









Water purification tablets 

Bandages & Band-Aids


Wet weather socks, pants, jacket, gloves 

Wool t-shirts x 2

Wool jumper  (sent home after 1 week)

Running shorts x 2 (I won't be doing any running, yet I prefer these instead of lycra)

Wool socks x 2 pairs 

Small towel 

Wide brim hat 


Clip-in shoes

And lots of food and water

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Bill ShaneyfeltI see what you did to the helmet! Nice to see I'm not the only one. A good reflection on you!
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyYou make me laugh Bill.
I'm glad you're still about. I look forward to you helping me identify lots of flora and fauna.
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4 months ago
Everything else (no food)
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These are spare parts and supplies that Serena will bring or send to me as required.
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Some stuff organised for when I know it'll be needed, like the oil change kits for the rohloff hub.
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1 week's food supply for Cape York.
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2 x 1 week's supply of food. They will be posted to different locations. This is required due to the very limited food availability in Cape York.
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Rachael AndersonWhat a great idea!
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4 months ago

I've never carried a spare tyre or belt prior to this trip.  Graham recommended I carry a spare tyre for The Gibb River Road. 

And Lyle recommended I carry a spare Gates Belt. 

I am heeding the advice of those more experienced than I.  I'm grateful for their help. The below pics show where I'm carrying the items. 

Top view
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Side view
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Deleted AccountLooking forward to following your trip - good luck.

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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Andrew.
I'm super excited about it!
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4 months ago
Mike AylingWith a well built undished Rohloff you may never need those spare spokes!
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyTo Mike AylingI hope you're right Mike! Reading other journals where people have broken spokes make me a little wary. To carry a few extra grams gives me mind.
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4 months ago
Lyle McLeodHi Vince,
Hope your ride works out this time! In the back recesses of my mind I’ve kicked around the idea of a ‘ride around Australia’ but I don’t know if I could handle the temps on a sustained basis. I’m Canadian and it was -35c where I live this morning. I can handle that, but put me in 40c and I don’t think I’d last.
I’m also a long term Rholoff geek 😎. We have a Bilenkey tandem with Rholoff and chains and both my wife (Kirsten) and I have Toute Terrain Silk Roads with Rholoff / Gates belt drives. We’ve used these on all our tours published here.
We did break a belt just outside Nantes on our EV6 trip in 2017. Long story but K’s rear cog had worn and was damaging/ cutting her belt. We each carry a spare belt. Less than 100g and about C$100. It took about 10 minutes to put the new belt on and we were mobile. Got her cog changed a few weeks later (another long story) and the belt is still going strong 10,000+ km’s later.
I would HIGHLY recommend that you carry a spare belt. It’s light and packs away so you won’t even notice it. Until you need it! Highly unlikely that you will need it, but the likelihood of getting a new belt quickly while on tour is even smaller! Very cheap and light insurance!!

As for spokes, if you have Ryde Andra rims (Rholoff recommends these) where the spoke holes are angled you should have no spoke issues. We had some breakage issues with our tandem and Velocity Aeroheat rims. When we changed to the Andra rims those issues disappeared.

Maybe TMI 😎, but as you can probably tell I’m a bit of a gear geeek!
Hope you have a great tour!
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyHi Lyle,

Thank you for the info. I can't imagine -35! Wowzsers!

You make a wise argument about carrying a belt and have convinced me. I've adjusted my gear list and put up a couple photos of where I've attached it.

Thank you
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4 months ago
Veronica JoinerLook forward to reading about your adventures.
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you my lovely auntie.
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4 months ago