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May 3, 2021

Day 82: Innisfail to Fishery Falls

Start: 7am
Distance: 70kms
Ride time: 4:03hrs
Average: 17km/hr
Max: 49km/hr 
Finish: 1:15pm

North Johnstone River in the early morning light.
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Brianna DallThat reflection is amazing. I enjoy reading your journal each day, just to see what you were up to while I was riding.
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1 week ago
Vince McCarthyHi Brianna,

Thank you. I also enjoy your journal. I'm excited for when I get to the Great Ocean Road thanks to your wonderful photos.

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1 week ago

The North and South Johnstone Rivers meet in the Innisfail township, dividing it into three sections. 

Today's road pic.
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It was very nice to be surrounded by rainforest for a short time instead of sugar cane. 

Josephine Creek.
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I saw an Azure Kingfisher on the creek bank. They are a pretty blue colour.

Mt Bartle Frere. Queensland's highest mountain at 1622 metres.
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Jean-Marc StrydomIt might just be a coincidence but in the Transkei area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa is a hill called Mount Frere, also name after Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, the elevation of which is very similar to that of Mount Bartle Frere, namely 1612.7 meters above sea level.
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1 week ago
Vince McCarthyThank you Jean-Marc,

That's amazing! He's a lucky fellow to have two mountains named after him.

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1 week ago
I didn't see any cassowarys 😔
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At the 30km mark, I arrived in the town of Babinda. I turned off the highway for 7kms to visit the Babinda Boulders. 

The place is known as Bunna Binda to the Wanyurr Yindji traditional custodians.

The water was very clear.
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It was a very pretty spot. Well worth the detour.
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I had a swim for 20 minutes. The water was nice and cool.

I had fish about 5cm long, pecking gently at my feet. And I also had one fresh water crayfish, about 10cm long, crawl over my foot.

I think they were attracted to my pristine and clean smelling feet.

After my swim, I rode the 7kms back to the highway.

After about another 25kms, I arrived at Fishery Falls Holiday Park. 

I made camp. $25.
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And then rode and walked the very steep track to Fishery Falls. It's only 1.3km from the park.

Fishery Falls.
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Swimming hole at the bottom of the falls.
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The water here was very clear too. I stood still in the deep water. Three fresh water crayfish crawled over and around my feet. It tickled a little.

Maybe I need to clean my feet more?

This is the view leaving the falls.
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This nest was in the park's camp kitchen.
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It was made by the Olive-backed Sunbird. The bird isn't currently using the nest.

Today's ride: 70 km (43 miles)
Total: 3,858 km (2,396 miles)

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